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14 July 2009 @ 01:09 am
Choices - Chapter 2: It's MY House | Chapter 3: Shut up and drive
Author x_rose_tyler_x
Rating PG

Chapter 2: It’s MY house!

‘Sorry, but there must be a reason to land here’, Rose asked.
‘I don’t know, it might be some kind of warning, maybe we forgot something to do, something that escaped through the Rift…....’
‘So it’s one of those days?’
‘What do you mean with “one of those days”?’
‘You know, one of those days when the TARDIS takes us to some place and we have to find out what’s going on?’
‘Yeah…yeah…it might be one of those days’, the Doctor nodded.
‘Aaaw…I’ve missed this so much!’
‘Me too!’

The Doctor took Rose’s hand and they both walked towards Alice’s window. The Doctor looked inside of it, and saw that there was no one there. Then he used his sonic screwdriver to open the door.

‘What are you doing to my house??!!!’, Alice asked.
‘It’s not me! It’s…him!’, the Doctor said, pointing at his other self.
‘But that’s you! With Rose, but you. She said you had to take me with you…ha! She didn’t think too much about it when she said ‘yes’ to you yesterday!’
‘She didn’t say yes, Alice. We’re not in the real world.’
‘Where are we, then? In a kind of magical planet which shows what could have happened if Rose said yes?’
‘Not a planet, but a parallel world. But you were close!’ the Doctor congratulated her.
‘Oh, this is great! So we’re stuck in a parallel world, with another you and me walking around here and Rose is back. This is absolutely great...Oh my gosh, I’m going to go to jail, right? There can’t be two ‘mes’ around here! What am I going to do with my life?!! What will happen to all we’ve already done??!! And I’m freaking out!’, she was freaking out.
‘Can you calm down???!!!’, the Doctor insisted, and Alice stopped talking for a minute, ‘We’re here, we’re stuck, but we can get out. If this depends on the Rose’s decision, what has made this is her choice to come with me. If we get her to leave me...’
‘No. It’s not you!’

The Doctor shook his head ‘Naaah, I know it’s not me. But it depends on one choice. A single choice can change everything. We have to convince Rose to leave the Doctor, and this will disappear. We’ll be back to our TARDIS’
‘Are you sure about that?’ Alice asked.
‘And how are we going to do it?’
‘It’s up to you! I’m not going to convince myself. I know I wouldn't.’
‘Yeah you’re just headstrong like that’

Alice walked to her house, well, to her parallel house, and opened the door. The Doctor stayed out of there, trying not to show himself to the other him.

‘I don’t see anything weird’, the Doctor was saying.
‘So why are we here? If she didn’t took anything from the Rift…’, Rose wondered, looking around.
‘Did we forget something here? Did you left something on that website?’, the Doctor asked, putting his frame glasses on his nose.

‘I didn’t take anything from the Rift. I just stayed here. Because YOU didn’t give me the chance to go anywhere else’, Alice interrupted them.
‘Alice!’, the Doctor exclaimed in joy, ‘So nice to see you! It’s been a long time! Well actually not a long time for you. Have you taken something from the Rift? The TARDIS took us here…and…’
‘She didn’t take anything Doctor’, Rose said, looking at her face.

‘Thanks. I thought you knew that I...’, started Alice
‘And I thought you knew what I felt. You felt it too’, Rose replied.
‘Sorry, am I missing something?’, the Doctor asked, confused.

‘Mental connection’, Rose and Alice answered at the same time.
‘And do you think I deserve this? Being stuck in this horrible world thinking that it seems like I’ve never been anywhere else. Thinking about what I’ve done and what I’m not going to do again? You’ve had another live. I haven’t had the time to enjoy it.’
‘Alice…’, the Doctor tried to talk.
‘You shut up!’
‘I hadn’t said anything yet!’
‘Aah, ah!’, she said, pointing at him ‘I don’t care about anything you could say. What were you thinking? Not even a trip!; I saved the world, for goodness’ sake!’
‘I’m sorry about that but…’
‘Shut up!’, Alice ordered him again.

The real Doctor was surprised at Alice’s inside of the room. She wanted to convince Rose, and she didn’t mind doing anything to get it. He’d better not make her mad.

‘Look, Rose. This is not only your decision. On what you said yesterday depends every single minute of my life. You know it does’, Alice assured her.
‘What do you mean?’
‘Look at my eyes’
‘Just… look!!!’

Both Doctors frowned for a moment. Suddenly Rose saw exactly what Alice had been doing with the
Doctor after they left together. And she understood that something was wrong there. Both of them couldn't have been with him at the same time. Maybe wibbly wobbly timey wimey...? But no, because she said she'd go with him. She had said it.

‘How did you…?’
‘I guess you left the mental connection switched on, or something…’

Rose kept in silence for a moment, trying to figure out what was going on. It really was one of those days. Suddenly, she turned her head and looked at the Doctor. Then she took a deep breath and looked at him. Alice didn’t want to see that again. Not more goodbyes from their part. Not feeling again what Rose was feeling. No, please.

‘This is not my place’, Rose whispered.
‘What?’, the Doctor asked her, ‘You chose to come with me again, Rose. You can’t get back to the parallel Universe’
‘I don’t have to. I’ve made the wrong choice. I never had to come with you. She deserved it’

Alice turned her head around to look at the Doctor outside the window. When she looked back again, the other Doctor and Rose had disappeared. Alice came out of her house, not without looking how it was and sitting down in her sofa for a few seconds. She hugged the Doctor, who asked:

‘How did you do that?’
‘I guess Rose really left the mental connection switched on or something weird. Or at least for that time I was. She understood this wasn’t her place. Are you alright?’
‘What? Oh yeah, don’t worry, I know she was not real’ the Doctor sighed, ‘I think I have to watch out with you. Your methods are evil’
‘Oh c’mon Doctor. I don’t know what could happen if I were evil’, she laughed, ‘I might have tried to convince you to control the world’
‘Oh no ...you didn’t’, said the Doctor, and looked at Alice without even blinking.
‘Get inside the TARDIS, NOW!’

The Doctor started to run and made Alice run as well. When they were going to get inside the TARDIS they heard the sound. There it was. Another TARDIS. This time it wasn’t landing over their one, but so close to theirs. Alice couldn’t believe it. Which companion was going to come out of there now?

‘Hahahaha’ , Alice laughed, ‘Those aliens were total idiots!’
‘I know. I couldn’t believe they thought I was going to give them the key to get to Macritos, I have inverted so much in that planet!’
‘Oh look…the Earth again. How could I’ve been living on here?’
‘I don’t know, you are all stupid’
“THEY are’
“Of course you’re not!’

‘Oh no, you’re not going to…’, Alice started…, looking at the other Doctor.

But it was too late. Alice saw the Doctor giving a naughty palm in the other Alice's butt.

‘I think he’s just done it. I guess I have to introduce you to our evil selves, Alice’
‘Uh oh...'

Chapter 3: Shut up and Drive!

‘What do you mean with “evil”?’ Alice asked, trying to reassure what she was thinking.
‘They probably want to take over the Earth now’
‘So…what do we have to know to make this disappear?’
‘I know…Or I might not’, the Doctor made a wave and added ‘Well I probably do’
‘Doctor…the point?’
‘Oh yeah! They have to change their evilnes’
‘That won’t be easy. It’s not easy to convince me, and...it seems like they were having fun, weren’t they?’
‘Oh they were’
‘That was…’
‘I know!’

They approached them a little trying to hear what the other ones were saying.

‘So what are we going to do here?’
‘Well I was bored and I thought we could come here to have fun. These humans will believe anything we want to tell them! Then what do you want?’, asked the Doctor, and grinned.

Alice grinned back and asked.

‘What about an alien invasion? Oh no, wait. Can we cover the sun?’

The Doctor frowned and said, ‘Do you want to cover the Sun?’
‘Is that impossible?’
‘Not that much. Maybe with a total eclipse. But what about covering the Moon?’
‘Nah, the moon almost collided here once. Something happened and it came back to its place.’
‘I didn’t have anything to do with that. But it had to be brilliant! Then…do you have any other idea?’
‘I’d go with the alien invasion’
‘I’ve got some friends that would come here...actually some of them are still here… Weevils”
‘Ooooooh, but I’ve heard Torchwood catches them all…’
‘No, if there are many of them… Thousands of them… Ha! I could see it happening. If just one of them screams all of them will scream. If one gets mad the rest will do it too…A total chaos…’
‘Aaaaaand the Doctor will come to save the world…’ started Alice.
‘Aaaaand they will love me…’
‘Aaaaaaaaand we’ll have the power to make with them whatever we want to…’
‘Sounds like a good plan’, Alice nodded and smiled.
‘It truly does…’

The Doctor gave again a palm on Alice’s bottom and she laughed saying “Doctor!”

‘I’m sorry, I forgot your rule about keeping it all for the TARDIS’

‘Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah’, said the non-parallel Doctor and Alice at the same time
‘I don’t’ want to know what…’, started Alice
‘Don’t even mention it’
‘Aaaaaah…’, Alice covered her eyes and shook her head to forget that image which was coming to her head. It was strange that it wasn’t pleasant or unpleasant, it just didn’t need to be there.
‘So we have to stop them.’
‘Yes, please, for my mental safety! Torchwood controls the Weevil action on here too as they said.
Does Jack have the same telephone number if they’re here?’
‘Do you have his phone number?’, the Doctor asked.
‘I wish’ Alice replied, disappointed, ‘You do, don’t you?’
‘Why would I have it? I don’t need to call him. We just meet...Sometimes’
‘So let’s go to Cardiff in the TARDIS’
‘We can’t move the TARDIS! If it gets us out of here they’ll still be here’
‘But that could be the solution, let's leave them here making things their own way.…’
‘Parallel…things…’, the Doctor shook his head waving with his hand and added ‘If they make something wrong it might affect our Earth, and they have their own TARDIS. Which means that they could appear there as well as we did on here’
‘So how are we going to go to Cardiff if we don't have the TARDIS?’

The Doctor looked around and he didn’t see any one else on there. They seemed to be alone, and the other
Doctor and the other Alice had already gone somewhere to start with their plan. There were just a few cars around there…


‘A car’
‘What’s with a car?’
‘Do you know how to drive?’
‘Well I got my driver’s license but I’ve never driven after it. I’m a mess. Wouldn’t trust me…’
‘Yup! That seems fine to me’

The Doctor took his sonic screwdriver and run directly to one of the cars parked in the street. He opened the driver’s door to Alice.

‘Doctor, do you know how much time do I have to drive until we get to Cardiff?’
‘No, do you?’
‘No! That’s the point!’
‘There are good signs in the road, you’ll get there!’
‘Doctor, we’re stealing a car! And we haven’t slept in…a hell of a lot of time’
‘We’re not stealing it, we’re borrowing it, I’ll leave a note!’
‘A note?’
‘Yeah, look’

The Doctor put on his glasses and grabbed in his pockets until find a piece of chalk – Alice wondered why he had chalk in his pockets.

‘Look’, said the Doctor showing her the chalk ‘Take it out of here’

She sat and the Doctor gave her the sonic screwdriver, he pointed where she had to push to make it work, and she did it. For a moment Alice felt proud of herself for making it work, but then she noticed she was using it to rob a car from someone. She started the car and got out of the place where it was parked. Then she saw the Doctor to duck into his knees and write down something in the road.

“This car has been required for a major good.
It will be back in a few hours...day...months...yeah.
The Doctor”