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18 July 2009 @ 05:49 pm
Choice . Chapter 5 - Coffee and lies  
Choices - Chapter 5: Coffee and Lies
Author x_rose_tyler_x
Rating PG - 13 for swearing

Chapter 5: Coffee and Lies

‘But you haven't written that’, Alice affirmed, confused
‘No I haven't. But I might have in the future…oh really; I hate all this mood changes. Why can’t I stay in a place?’
‘So your future “you” wanted to stop YOU?’
‘Yeah I suppose he doesn’t mind how paradoxical this could be. I just hope he had time to know that he will disappear in the moment I decide not to do what he wants’
‘Oh…fine. I don’t get it’
‘Yeah I didn’t expect you to!’


The conversation on the office was getting quite weird. Even when they knew the situation was serious, they couldn't help laughing at the fact that the other Doctor and Alice were grabbing each other all the time.

‘How much will they take to arrive?’, Gwen wondered out loud.
‘I don’t know…Oh my god Doctor…what if… - Alice stopped to not say the wrong words – I mean…what I was saying was… You know they could take the TARDIS right? That they might just got out of here already?’
‘They’ll know we are here. I’m sure. They won’t risk using the TARDIS’, the Doctor replied, looking outside.
‘Well I think I know me better than I know myself…’ the Doctor said, “and I know that I’d come here and try to see me’
‘But they don’t know we are here’
‘I think the thing I wrote on the parking could make them think about us and where are we. We can tell what they’re going to do. I know they’ll know what we’ve done. The same people, just a different choice.
They have our brains, our thoughts…’
‘Your thoughts? That’s what you were snogging him?’, Jack asked mockingly to Alice.
‘Oh shut up!’ She replied. ‘He’s not the one of this room that I’d hit! Oh my god I really need to take a rest!’
‘Oh’, Martha laughed, ‘You really do need to take a rest!’

Alice tried to get out of the office faster, to forget what she had just said. She was falling asleep at the same time she knew that wasn’t exactly the moment to do it. But it was truly unfair because, the last time she slept had to be like years ago. That was the bad thing of travelling with the Doctor. It was all so… timeless.

She tried to think about other things. She saw Owen typing on the computer, at the same time he was taking a look at one side to see what was happening outside. Not sign of another Alice or another Doctor.
Then she looked at Toshiko. She was lost, trying to find more information about parallel worlds. Alice knew she would find out soon or later that they were not real. She just hoped it could be later.

And then she looked at Ianto. He was sitting on his desk, drinking a coffee while he was looking at the office. Alice saw how he was looking at Jack, and laughed on the inside. It seemed like she was not the only one attracted by the Captain, but she saved the comment for herself. She sat by his side and asked him for another coffee. She really needed one, and she hadn’t had a good coffee for months now. When Ianto gave her a big cup of his special cappuccino, she felt like she was going to be comfortable just sitting there and waiting. Plus, the guy was cute.

‘You make really damn good coffee, Ianto’, she said, taking another sip. It was probably the best coffee she had had in years.
‘That’s good to know, considering it’s not real coffee at all’, he said smiling, almost confirming it than wondering, and Alice felt like all the warm of the coffee was gone.
‘What do you mean?’, she asked
‘Oh well, on the inside they’re trying not to find out what it's happening, but if I get something from everything you said….Those other Alice and the Doctor are parallel “you”, then if they are here, they must have been created here. Just as we are. So we’re not real’’, he pointed out at the end.
‘Are you going to tell them?’ Alice asked, afraid of what could happen if they’d realize that they were just a result of the words ‘What could happen if…?’
‘Nah, they’re fine like that. I bet Jack already knows. He’s used to these things, and I bet that friend of yours will tell him anyway. It seems like they trust each other.’
‘They do. I do’, she confirmed. ‘Jack’s one of the only people that is in my list of trustable…people. And from now until you vanish…you’re too’
‘I guess I should say thanks’, he said, sipping from his coffee. He really seemed to enjoy it.
‘Well thank you for the not real coffee!’ she laughed.


‘Not real’, Gwen whispered, ‘But when did this all happen? Why do I have a life?’
‘Oh well there’s exactly another you in the proper Earth. And she has a life, a brilliant life. But you’re just an exact copy in feelings, body, brain…You’re…she’, replied the Doctor
‘You know? I feel better knowing that in the Universe right now there’s another man like me’, Jack explained. Isn’t sad enough for the rest of the world not to know me? They could have two chances’, he laughed.
‘To know the man who can’t die’, the Doctor nodded, ‘You’re priceless!’
‘Thinking about it...can I vanish? I might not and if I stay here I could create the first parallel
‘Second one’, the Doctor pointed out.
‘Oh yeah…’, Jack nodded, remembering about Rose’s. ‘So…when are we going to start with the action, man?’
‘I don’t know…let’s them take their time…’, the Doctor whispered, ‘If the evil Alice is as slow as the real one driving…’


‘Can you go faster?’, the Doctor yelled at Alice
‘I told you I got my driver’s license and I never used it!’
‘Oh ‘cause Rachel had a car and I didn’t like driving it!’
‘We’ll get to Torchwood in days…For that time they’d might have taken all the Weevils’
‘I’m sorry but I can’t go faster!’
‘Oh well let me do that then!’, the Doctor said firmly.

Then he just tried to make Alice jump to the other side and took the driver’s seat. The car bumped and went in zig zag for a while, until the Doctor started to drive.

‘Do you know how to drive?’, Alice asked, looking at the Doctor driving like a professional.
‘Haven’t I told you that I have all the time in my hands?’, the Doctor grinned, ‘Alonso…Hamilton… the student wins, the teachers look surprised…I’ve learned bigger things in half of the time. But I took my time to learn how to drive fast’
‘But I never noticed you left’
‘Yeah, I know!’

Alice wondered why the Doctor never told her he learned how to drive and what was worse, she wondered if he had never told her anything else. But it didn’t matter, because they were on their path to get the world. And her future herself was going to know that if she thought she was tough to herself when she wanted to win something at school, this time she was going to do anything to get it all.