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29 August 2009 @ 11:47 pm
6 The Bright Side Offers You Cookies - 7 What You Didn’t Get  
Choices - Chapter 6: The Bright Side Offers You Cookies / Chapter 7 What You Didn’t Get
Author x_rose_tyler_x
Rating PG-13? Swearing, sex references.

Chapter 6: The Bright Side Offers You Cookies

A few hours passed walking around and watching at the screens. It was getting boring, so after finding the perfect way to catch them, they decided to try to find stupid ways to convince the parallel Doctor and Alice to get back to the lovely work to save the world.

‘We could give them cookies”, Toshiko suggested.
‘Oh no , in the dark side they always offer you cookies!’, Owen replied, “and chocolate ones, it’s too tempting’
‘The bright side can have cookies too’, Martha said, ‘maybe lemon-creamed ones. But sorry, are we on the bright side? Well, forget about that.’
‘Right....erm... I’m with the cookies’, Ianto agreed.
‘Do you have a name for the super convincing cookies?’, Gwen asked, ‘You’re the one who always finds the catchy names’
‘Nope...Can I rhyme it with puppies?’, Ianto wondered.
‘No you can’t’, added Gwen, ‘Not cookies to get them be puppies’
‘So cookies then, ah!’, Jack grinned , ‘Ianto, go and find some’
‘I already got cookies!’, Ianto said, and ran rapidly to come back with a bag of cookies.
‘He gave me some with the coffee. Delicious! We never have cookies in the TARDIS’, Alice told them, disappointed.
‘Hey! You’ve never said you wanted cookies!’ the Doctor refuted.
‘I never said I didn’t want!’
‘I like nibbles and I don’t have the TARDIS full of them’
‘It wouldn’t be for lack of space to keep them!’

The whole team bursted up on laughs, and the Doctor woke up of his chair to get closer to one of the computer screens. He put his glasses on and finally added ‘We might not have to wait long to give them their cookies! Allons-y!’

The Doctor was going to the entrance, but the voice of Toshiko stopped him.

‘Doctor, wait, look at what they're doing!’

The Doctor walked back to look at the screen and couldn't believe what was happening, the Doctor was moving his sonic screwdriver all around, and suddenly made like he knew what to do. It flickered and the TARDIS started to be more visible just over the Hub.

‘Ok. How did he do that...? Aarrrg - no time to think now. So we keep in the TARDIS, all right?’ , the Doctor ordered them .
‘All right’, everyone replied at the same time.

The Doctor and Alice got inside the TARDIS, like they were checking it, and then got outside again. The Doctor was already walking towards to Torchwood while he left Alice on the TARDIS. The actual Alice knew she liked to look around before going outside, just in case some day she’d woke up and found out everything was just a dream. That hadn't changed.

It was funny how even when they were evil, they were both wearing the same clothes that day, “well, at least my fashion sense hasn’t changed. That’s a point for my evil alter ego”. Alice ran outside, there wasn’t too much time to get ready; it was easy, she knew she could do it. How couldn’t she deal with the Doctor? She knew him. Not the evil one, but, even when they hadn’t been travelling for so long, she knew she could talk to him. She took her place behind where the TARDIS had landed, Owen and Ianto by her sides. It was just a change, just a little one. She could do it.

Now it was their time. Hoping that the Doctor wouldn’t look back, they got inside the TARDIS. It was hard to see how Owen and Ianto tied the other Alice and made her go somewhere inside the TARDIS, far enough to make hard for her to come back. Then they got out as fast as they could and Alice took the place of her evil herself.

The parallel Doctor looked back and noticed that she hadn’t come out yet. He didn’t care too much about what she was doing, but he needed her for his plan...not for too long, but he did. He walked back to the TARDIS and found Alice sitting on his chair.

‘What are you still doing here?’, the Doctor asked.
‘Didn’t you hear me? I said I’ll stay here just in case they have the idea to come and look around’
‘Oh Doctor, your other you...’

The Doctor frowned and seemed to be thinking about it, but he finally said ‘Yeah that’s right. I guess my future me won’t waste his time just waiting for us. He will come to look around as soon as I get out. You think you candeal with him?’

‘C’mon, I deal with you every day. That’s enough, Doctih!’
‘What was that?’
‘What was what?’
‘That Doctih thing you called me!’
‘It was only a nickname; I’m in a lovely mood. I mean we’re going to get the whole world for us. Why shouldn’t I be happy?’

The Doctor frowned again, and then grinned.

‘Yeah we’ll celebrate properly when I come back’, he finally said, going out of the TARDIS again right to Torchwood.

‘Oh no’, Alice thought, ‘I hope he didn’t mean what I guess he meant’

She woke up and ran into the place the evil Alice was. She was on the floor, trying to get rid of the ties. Alice looked at her, got rid of the mouth vend and sat down next to her.

‘Don’t scream! It’s me!...I mean I’m you!’

The evil Alice looked so confused, but the actual Alice wasn't less confused either.

‘You’re my future me?’, the evil one asked
‘Nope...parallel, you thought we were from the future?’
‘Well I was expecting you to disappear in the moment you met me’
‘Yeah! You know that?’
‘I do, I’m you. Well, actually... you’re me’
‘Nevermind... look. We have to talk. About all this stuff you’re planning, it’s just not right. Okay, I know it’s hard to convince me to not have the world in my hands. But if you want it any way you’ll have to listen to what I’m going to say...!’

The parallel Doctor approached the Torchwood-fake-elevator-thing and got down. He knew he would find himself down there, that's why he left Alice on the TARDIS. They wouldn't look there; they'd know he would go to Torchwood. What he didn’t even know was that it wasn't his future himself. Torchwood and the Doctor (our Doctor) were already waiting for him just without Ianto and Owen, who were waiting outside for how the situation inside the TARDIS could develop. The Doctor got inside the Hub, and entered carefully.

He smiled at who was waiting for him.

‘Nice to see you,…well, to see me, Doctor’

The Doctor smiled back.

‘Yeah right, it's always nice to meet myself’

Chapter 7: What You Didn’t Get

‘So nothing of what we’re going to do it’s going to be real?’, evil Alice asked, confused.
‘Absolutely nothing. I don’t even know if there are actual people out here’, she replied, noticing that she barely had seen some cars on the streets when they drove to Cardiff a few hours ago.
‘But how do you know you’re the real one?’
‘Well I’ve had a life before today’
‘But I’ve had it too’
‘Don’t try to confuse me! Honestly, the Doctor wouldn’t be evil even if he wanted to. Not right now. When we met we saved the world from a cannibal kind of alien, why would he want to get the domain of the whole world now? Why not using the Cicotricotricicotripus instead the Weevils? They could hide with human form, they could be great to be between us and the people wouldn’t even know …and I don’t know why I’m giving you ideas!’

Alice got up and looked around the TARDIS, she wanted to see if there was something different now that it was driven by a mad Doctor and his evil assistant.

‘He said he wanted to finish the work for a friend who couldn’t…’

The head of Alice turned around to look at the other Alice, this words made her get back to be interested on what she was saying.

‘Finish “the work”? Which “work”?’, she finally asked.
‘He wasn’t alone, there was someone else, someone he loved, and he started something, and he wanted to finish it…he said he was right after all…’
‘But from where does everything come from? I don’t understand it, we haven’t even had that conversation, in which moment did you both make the decision to be evil?’
‘I didn’t make the decision. I told him that the Earth owes him a lot and that it would be time to get it back’, Alice was right now so into the conversation that had forgot about the ties, ‘And he grinned with that big smile and said that I was right’
‘And why are you doing this?’
‘Because I love him’

The eyes of Alice were wide open now. There it was: what she was afraid of when she decided travelling with the Doctor. Something she prohibited herself to do. Not falling in love with the Doctor, that was her choice, because she knew how painful it could be. And the Doctor was helping her on that; she hadn’t felt anything absolutely romantic at all. Nothing that she could consider love, as the world love could mean for someone. She loved him, yes, but he was her friend, her mate. They were a team. And it was so amazing, more than being worried about if he loved her or not.

‘You do?’
‘Yes, don’t you?’
‘Because there are not romantic intentions in our relationship, definitely!’
‘There are not?’
‘Nope! We’re a team. He even lets me have the ideas sometimes. And he's going to let me have cookies.’
‘I never have the ideas! He says they’re useless, that I never get one right; that I just have to do what he says...Are you going to have cookies on here?’
‘You see? He lets me express what I think, even when most of the time my ideas are totally pointless because I’m not that clever. But...’ Alice made a sound which sounded like "aaarg" to express that the idea of being treated like an object sounded absolutely wrong; after all both of them had the same past. ‘You let him treat you like that just because you love him? When did you change that much? You’ve never let anyone tell you what you do! Why him?’
‘Because he’s showing me things that I’ve never seen, planets, those people…wouldn’t you do anything to keep travelling with him?’

Yes she would, well, maybe not ANY thing, but a lot of things.

‘No if it goes against the people I love’, she finally said, ‘not to control the whole world. If I don’t like people telling me what to do, why would I like to control them? To make them trust me enough to see them making exactly what I want? What’s the challenge there?’
‘I don’t know…I just know I want to be with him and I’m going to do it anyway, and I have things too, I know he trusts me. He loves me! I know he does’
‘Well, we'll have to see if that's true, but anyway...why not trying to change him? Why not trying to enjoy the whole travelling and everything? What do you get being on the Earth trying to control every single life?’
‘Well let me tell you we have great sex.’
‘Oh ok yes you get that! Ok you get that and - is it good?’, she just couldn’t help asking.
‘Oh yes, it is!’ , Alice exclaimed.
‘Erm…yeah’ , Alice continued , ‘But didn’t you see what Rose suffered? Didn’t you learn anything from her? From Martha? “Falling in love with the Doctor” equals “baaaad choice” ’
‘Who’s Rose?’

Oh right, seems like evil Alice had never heard that name before.

‘Old companion, didn’t you meet her? Torchwood, Rift, void stuff’, she tried to imitate the voice of the Doctor, ‘I love you!’ , and she changed back to her voice, ‘The whole snogging?’
‘Have the Doctor snogged someone that wasn’t me?’, the parallel Alice asled, almost angry.
‘Oooh... you wouldn’t like to know… And technically I snogged him once too, but it wasn’t my fault. Lots of accumulated energy and gas…long story…’she said making a wave that could be from the own Doctor’s body language factory ‘but you’ve never met her?’
‘No. Never. When did that all happen to you?’
‘By the time he came back to see me, when we went to Torchwood’
‘How in the world did he come back to see you if you never left him?’
‘He left me, the first time we met, after the Cicotricotricicotripus’
‘He took me with him after the Cicotricotricicotripus’
‘Oh right!’

Alice started to walk all around the room trying to figure out what had just happened, all the questions, all the ‘but in which moment did you became such a horrible person?’ to get that, and she finally yelled.

‘And that’s the choice? He decided to take you with him the first time you met? And how the fuck do I get to change that?’

Alice sat down and put her head between her knees, she wanted to think something clever but she couldn’t. If the Doctor’s choice to don’t take her the first time was responsible for all that it wasn’t up to her now.

But why did the other Doctor decided to take Alice? Why didn’t HER Doctor take her? She knew nothing. Anything at all, and everything was now in hands of the Doctor.