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21 August 2010 @ 02:48 am
8: You Just Need a Mate / 9: Don't  
Choices - Chapter 8: You Just Need a Mate / Chapter 9: Don't
Author x_rose_tyler_x
Rating PG-13? Swearing, sexual innuendo.

Chapter 8: You Just Need a Mate

‘You look good’ , the evil Doctor told the other one.
‘Oh, well, I don’t complain’
‘Aren’t your friends coming to say hello? That’s so unpolite, HI, I’M HERE! Torchwood! Nice place you got here! Alice, come see your "Doctih" ’
‘Don’t make them part of this’, the Doctor replied, ‘they won’t help you - and Alice calls you Doctih?’.
‘Oh, I know. But I could try, because I have this feeling that they don’t trust you at all right now. What if I try to convince them that I’m the good one and that you were acting all the time to get access to the Weevils? Oooooh!!’, he said raising his hand ‘Sounds good!! Sounds sooo good!’
‘We trust him!’, a voiced emerged from the background. The shadow of Captain Jack was now clearer to the parallel Doctor, ‘and we know what you’re here for. You’re not going to get it’
‘I’ve got sonic’, the parallel Doctor exclaimed, showing his sonic screwdriver.
‘Blocked’, Jack replied.
‘Ok, that’s clever…’
‘What are you doing this for?’, the Doctor asked.
‘Thought you said you knew! Anyway, long story short, the Master’s plan was good. It didn’t go on the right way though, destroying the Earth, why if you can have it in your hands?’
‘But what happened to you, after Donna?’
‘I was alone. Once again. Sometimes there, sometimes here, planets, stuff…I’ve seen them all leave, Rose, Martha, Astrid, Donna, all gone, and me, on my own, alone, trying to find a reason to keep going, and Alice turned on the light. There it was, a purpose.’
‘I know it feels like it, but you’re not, you’re not alone at all after all’
‘You have me’, Jack said , and then he drew a cheeky smile on his face ‘well not actually “have me” - not because I don't want to but…’
‘Jaaaaack!’ , both Doctors said at the same time
‘Oh see, that doesn’t change for any of you!’, he said almost laughing.
‘But think about it, no more depending on what happens outside, just here, all the time, looking at them, knowing what is going to happen, manipulating what they’re going to do. You don’t have anyone to stop you now. But hold on!!! Why did I change?’ , the Doctor asked, confused, he was still thinking that the man in front of him was his future himself trying to change the things, ‘What happened to the world? Why are you coming back to the past to warn me, breaking the rules? Where’s the whole paradox? AND!’, he suddenly said ruffling his hair ‘Hold on a second!! Why are you asking me this? AND, how come that Alice is still with you? Shouldn’t I have got rid of her already for that time? AAAAAAAND’
‘Why are you asking that? Do you want to kill her?’, the Doctor interrupted his rant.
‘No! Well I don’t know, maybe get rid of her, somewhere. After all she’s been nice, but I don’t want her with me for this. But let's not get distracted, let me see: You are here and I’m here, then I didn’t create a paradox, that’s because you’re not a future me. Are you from the past then? NO!’, the parallel Doctor was ruffling his hair again and going all around the room, ‘because if you were my past me then it would have been me who disappeared… BUT we are both here…And - Hold on, where are we?’ , he finally asked to the other Doctor, who seemed to be more sure about what was going on than him.
‘According to the TARDIS, we’re on Earth’

The other Doctor looked at him, clueless.

‘Parallel world. Alternate Universe, whatever you want to call it.’
‘Oooooooooooooooooooooooooh’, the parallel Doctor said, ‘that makes sense!’, ‘Who is the "alternate" one, then?’
‘Haven’t you noticed it’s you? Oh no! I'm rude, an idiot, evil, and not ginger!’
‘Don’t insult me! I’ve been busy doing other things! Not too much time to think about coordinates, parallel worlds and stuff, the domain of the Earth takes time’ , the parallel Doctor pointed out to the other one ‘you don’t even know how hard it is. I haven’t got a rest for days!’
‘Oh well you’ve been spending your time in other things too? Or should I ask to your parallel Alice?’
‘Oh no. THAT you should try, it’s - I mean, she's not ginger anymore, but - ’
‘Shut up!’
‘But I’m just saying…’
‘Just, don't!’
‘I bet he wouldn’t anyway, you can’t convince him easily, I’ve tried!’ , Jack said.
‘What? I’m standing here, I need something to say, I’m bored! 'You', Jack said, pointing at the parallel Doctor , ‘you’re going to disappear, it’s easy, I’ll do it too, in the moment you see why you’re here, the choice that made you evil, you’re going to make “poof!” And everything will be gone. Just try to find out and let us finish with that. I can’t die in two worlds! That’s not funny.’
‘You see? You’re upsetting Jack. You don’t want to upset Jack’, the Doctor added.
‘But I’ve got a question’, if it all depends on one choice, what choice is it?” the parallel Doctor gave up, confused with the whole situation.
‘That’s what I’m trying to find out, and I suppose you know it’, the Doctor replied.
‘No, I don’t really know it, Alice came, and I had been alone for so much time for that time… Donna and Martha left, and I was just so alone, I didn’t want to go anywhere, and then the Cicotricicotripus, and then we left, and I suddenly found myself planning to take over the world. And it seemed right!’
‘And the Torchwood Rift?’ the Doctor wondered out loud.
‘Which Torchwood Rift?’
‘This Rift, when it all crashed, Rose opened it’
‘When did that happen?’, Jack asked.
‘Rose did what?’, the parallel Doctor suddenly felt that his heart had sunk, ‘you saw Rose?’</i>
‘Yes, I did. She’s fine, she’s so alive, she keeps saving the world, saving her world.’, the Doctor suddenly grinned but it disappeared from his face for a moment. ‘And so did you. You didn’t?’
'I never did, was it before I met Alice?’
‘You hadn’t met Alice before?’ , the Doctor asked to Jack
‘Never before today. I just assumed I had to be nice. She was with you.’, he replied, with a big grin on his face.
‘And Martha? She said she knew her’
‘She did, when she worked for UNIT, Alice and you helped her - well, they helped her, I suppose before being evil. Oooh, so it was them!’, Jack exclaimed in understanding.
‘Oh great, so the Rift here never cracked. And why?’
‘Rose might never tried to open it here’, Jack replied, ‘How is she???!’
‘Perfect!!!’, the Doctor told him, ‘But why? HANG ON!!’, the Doctor said, raising his index finger to show that he had an idea, ‘When did you and Alice leave?’
‘“I can’t remember the exact day!’ , the parallel Doctor said, ‘After the whole Cico… thing. Then we had the Lotris invasion, the whole UNIT stuff he said...’
‘You didn’t leave without her when you met?’
‘No, why would I?’
‘Because you - THAAAT'S IT!!!!!! That’s the choice!! Whatever happened to your head, you just took her! You never had to come back for the Rift, you never found out that you really needed Alice, you just took her because you felt alone, and that’s the difference!’
‘But I don’t need her! I don't - we've never needed anyone’
‘Yes you do. Someone told me once that I needed someone to stop me, and when I left Alice and she made me promise her that I would come back for her if anything happened there, I just felt like I had to.’


Alice took a big deep breath before waking up again and then she looked at her parallel self, who was just staring at her. She knew what she was feeling; they both had felt it before, being powerless. Both had felt it when their parents died. But the real Alice wasn’t going to live locked in a world that wasn’t hers. She suddenly remembered Rose's look when they met, she knew that she thought that they were both alone, different from the rest, that they didn’t fit. But Alice did feel that she fitted in her world and so she did in the Doctor's, so no one was going to take that from her.

She left the TARDIS, before saying “Goodbye” to the person who was in front of her; all what she didn’t want to be, with a big grin on her face. She got out to find Ianto and Owen there, almost falling asleep.

'Oi! Wake up, you two!'

They smiled and walked with her back to the Hub. They took the lift and joined Toshiko and Gwen, who were listening to what was happening on the entrance.

‘What’s going on?’, Ianto asked ‘What did I miss? Nothing important, right?’
‘He has to know everything or he’s not happy’, Owen told Alice, who nodded, knowing that he was the first one to find out that they were not real.
‘Seems like they found out that it all comes because Alice didn’t go with him the first time they met”
‘I already had found out that. And that was it?’
‘Oh well he didn’t need you for that time, he just took you, I mean, her’, Gwen replied
‘And the Doctor needs me?’
‘Seems like so’
‘Cool!, at least he figures out he can’t be alone, he loses all her socks, if it wasn’t for me - ’
‘Oh yes, I remember the whole mess with the socks. I started finding lost socks all over the TARDIS, it took me weeks to pair them up all together again’, said Martha
‘What can be more important than having all your socks?’ , Toshiko laughed.
‘That’s it!’, oh, I had something to ask, if this is all going to finish”, Alice said turning to look at Ianto,
‘Do you think your real you would like to - I don’t know, have a coffee some day or something like that?’

Ianto smiled ‘I'm afraid both real Ianto and I would say no, but considering that you seem to be pretty friendly maybe if you got to know each other bet - ’

Suddenly the whole Hub seemed to be spinning around on itself. Alice felt sick for a moment and fell on her knees, and then felt the cold floor on her cheeks. And that was the last thing she felt.

Chapter 9: Don’t

The Doctor couldn’t even get up on his knees, trying to find a way to breath between all the chaos, but it seemed impossible. It took him a few minutes to find out that he still was in the Hub; he could notice the walls and the bodies of the Torchwood team on the flo. He tried seeking for his sonic screwdriver, but his hands weren’t able to find the strength to get to it. After a while fighting with his own body, he found it, started tweaking the buttons and moving his arm all around the room, hoping that whatever happened with it, it fixed the problem.

The lights turned on, and he could see Toshiko moving, when he finally felt he could breathe again. He found the strength to get up and approached one by one the bodies of the team to check if they could breathe again. Jack sighed and woke up as faster as he used to anytime he died. He soon joined the Doctor on helping the team. Ianto was next. Everyone seemed to be fine by now, and they were touching their faces, confused about what had happened.

The Doctor hadn’t noticed yet, but it suddenly came to his head, next to the Jack’s office door there was another body, a body he could recognize as Alice’s. He ran as fast as he could and looked at her; she was totally pale and cold. Owen seemed to notice and ran as well; he took her to the examining couch worked with the defibrillators, then gave her mouth-to-mouth. Every discharge seemed to be more away of getting her back to life, but she suddenly opened her eyes and tried to breathe.

‘Is it you?’, she asked.
‘Yeah it’s me’, the Doctor replied
‘I mean if you are *my* Doctor’
‘Of course I am! Oh - hang on, are you *my* Alice?”’
‘Which Alice are you looking for?’
‘Post-rift Alice’
‘Oh, that one, she’s probably dead’

The Doctor looked with eyes wide open at the girl that was in front of him. It wasn’t *his* Alice, the Alice he had taken with him, but the sight of her dying and the thought of Alice dead made his two hearts sink. She couldn’t be dead. Not *his* Alice. There was something wrong.

‘She can’t be dead, she’s not here!! She probably found a way to escape’
‘He took her! And now he’s going to get rid of her as he did with me, he took me here; he knew I wouldn’t get through it; he knew I can’t - I can't...’

The parallel Alice breathing was now so weak that she could feel needles itching all around her lungs.

‘I…told…him…he…took down the…’

She was leaving now forever. Away from home, away from her friends and the people who loved her, all for a wrong choice. ‘Never fall in love with the Doctor’. Ha, too late to hear that. She thought about the planets she had seen, about the good moments she had lived and her eyes closed to say goodbye to the world she had known before, to the Doctor that she would have loved to meet, but she couldn’t.

‘We can’t do anything else’, Owen said, ‘her lungs are like , we can’t get her back without causing more damage. She would suffer for nothing’.
‘She was almost dead before we found her, we weren't too much time "slept" or we would have died as well, but her capacity was even smaller than ours, she couldn't handle it’, Martha explained.
‘Take her down to the vaults’, Jack said, ‘We’re going to find that bloody Doctor and kick his ass for this’
‘She was so young…’, Gwen said, trying not to feel compassion for what she had done to them, but she couldn’t.
‘She wasn’t real!’, the Doctor said.
‘We aren’t either!’ , Toshiko replied, ‘and I consider my life as valuable as any life from your fucking real world!’
‘I should have said that’, Ianto unexpectedly said. Everyone looked at him; he just nodded and said ‘It was good’

No one else spoke for a while. Toshiko didn’t look at the Doctor anymore and ran to one of the computers, to suddenly say ‘They took down the whole assisted oxygen system, absolutely everything; we just didn’t have any chance to breathe’

‘Assisted Oxygen?’ the Doctor asked, confused ‘Oooh right, that’s how you get to breathe down here without any windows, good one’
‘It just kind of recycles the dioxide, and brings us back the oxygen, if you reverse it, it just sucks up all the oxygen we have and leaves the dioxide’
‘Which is absolutely lethal’, Owen finished explaining. ‘If it doesn’t find a way out, of course. Like withered plants’
‘And with her problems, being so much time without oxygen was definitely mortal’, Gwen finally said.
‘But if the Doctor found a way to get out, and he took the other Alice, where did they go?’, Martha wondered out loud
‘I think I know where. They brought the TARDIS here, in some way. I still keep wondering that, though, but I also know that he is going to try to go away’

Alice felt the same cold floor she had felt before on the Hub, but she knew she wasn’t on the Hub anymore. She looked around and for a moment she thought that it was all over, that the Doctor had saved the day, like always; that she was going back home. But the person in front of her didn’t seem like her Doctor at all. She knew it wasn’t him, and the way it all had disappeared was just so chaotic for her Doctor.

She woke up and looked at the man-alike in front of her, with a big grin on his face.

‘So we’re going home now. Kind of a tough day, uh?’, he grinned.
‘So you want to take over my world now?’, Alice said, so angry that she could punch him on the face.
‘What are you talking about? It's me! The Doctor.’
‘I know it’s not you! I know you aren’t the Doctor I met. Where’s the other Alice? Where’s him, where’s the whole Torchwood team - aaarg, I was about to ask Ianto on a date!!!’
‘He wouldn’t date you, you know. I think he and Jack... ’

Alice rolled her eyes.

‘Riiiiiiight!’ , he said, almost as *her* Doctor would.
‘Take me back’
‘I can’t, if we go away from this world we can’t get back again anymore’, the Doctor replied, and touched some coordinates on his aboard computer.
‘Why did you bring back the TARDIS after you came back to Cardiff?’
‘Oh, that. From there I didn’t know where I could end up. From here, I could take it back and go wherever I wanted to. And it was easy to run away, if you haven’t noticed’
‘You’re taking me nowhere, I won’t let you', she said.

The Doctor grinned, again, it was an annoying grin, not like *her* Doctor grins, that made her feel better, this Doctor’s grins were so horrible, she just wanted to hit him, but she knew if she did it the whole TARDIS would go crazy and she had no idea how to control it.

She thought she had to ask that to the Doctor if they had found each other and she so hoped they did.

‘That’s what I liked about you’, the Doctor said ‘I was thinking about getting rid of all of you, the whole Torchwood team, the other Alice and you, but you are so brave, so different, you’re not her. I hated her. She was clingy. I get tired of clingy people.’
‘I’m not a Barbie doll, that’s the difference’
‘And that’s great!’, the Doctor replied, grinning again, ‘It’s what I like. Oooh, sexy!’
‘You’re not attractive at all’, she replied, annoyed.
‘Oh well, like if the other one was, I liked myself for that time, you know, I liked my hair, oh I still love my hair, but I was so annoying, so happy all the time, I didn’t have time for being all angsty. I like being angsty, it keeps the mystery’

Alice didn’t say anything else. She just walked around for a moment and tried to think what to say.

‘Keep them alive, please, let’s go back and bring them back to life’
‘I can’t, plus they’re probably all dead by now’
‘I know they are not, let’s go back, please’
‘The Doctor would find a way to stop me, and I won’t let him. I won’t let you’

Alice looked around again, “think, think, think, think… something that really hurts him, please something he really…”

‘I’ve seen him sad, a Dalek almost killed him, because he was touched after he saw Rose. He was weak, he loved her’
The Doctor looked at Alice, ‘I don’t think I would get angst for Rose. She’s gone, forever, and I don’t think I would ever say that I loved her’
‘She is gone now, and he could say goodbye to her. Something you’ll never do because you don’t need anyone. You think you don’t. But right now you need me, if you didn’t you wouldn’t have taken me. And I’m here’
‘I don’t need you at all’
‘Ok, then what do you need me for?’

Alice ran so fast to the doors that the Doctor couldn’t even think about holding her to stop. She was already jumping off when she heard a word, just a single word.