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31 July 2011 @ 02:42 am
Capeside revisited: The movie version (en inglés) (Segundo capítulo)  
“She chose to go to Paris” Pacey finally said, Andie smiled “you know you wouldn’t have let her staying for you” and she was right, Pacey didn’t want to be the person holding Joey’s future but “she didn’t even ask” Andie stood up and forced Pacey to do so, “ok that’s it you and me are going for a beer” Pacey was shocked, Andie and alcohol wasn’t a good combination “No Andie, I’m having beer, you are having Ice tea” Andie mocked Pacey for that comment “there is non-alcohol beer you know that?” he put her arm around her, “just in case, you’re still having the Ice tea”
Pacey was about to start his third drink when Andie stopped him, “less drinking more talking” she said, “the more beer I have, the more I will talk” Pacey realized by looking at Andie’s blank stare that she didn’t see the funny in that “ok then, I’ll stop” he paused and sighed, “is not that I wanted her to stay for me because that was a huge thing for her, but the fact that she didn’t even ask…” Andie frowned and hit him in the head “what was that for!?” Pacey asked upset “What you have just said has no sense at all, at least for a man, that’s actually how women’s logic works and you guys go there saying we’re like totally crazy” she was talking very fast and her volume was quite high so a few customers from the pub became intrigued by the conversation “slow down I don’t to be headline news over here” She smiled “sorry, but it’s your fault you always make me nervous” that made him laugh, “come on Pacey, you have to know that you’re not right this time” he approached her a little, “ok, I’m going to tell you what’s the real deal here, but promise me you won’t overreact” She makes a cross sign “when she was with Dawson she chose him” Andie was about to say something but Pacey put his hand over her mouth, “you promised” then he let her continue, “she was fifteen years old, are you really judging her because of something she did when she was fifteen years old?” Pacey smiled shyly, “I see your point” and Andie laughed, “You’re completely in love, aren’t you?” He smiled but didn’t answer.
The Ice House wasn’t the tacky restaurant Joey remembered, it looked way better and they had customers, a lot of them. The place wasn’t very posh or anything because the Potters are not like that. She entered in and looked in the menu, the special breakfast had Pacey’s signature pancakes, and she hadn’t had them in a long time so she tapped a man on the back and asked for them. “Joey” he said when he turned back, and Joey’s eyes opened widely “dad”.
They sat and waited for the pancakes to be made, “so you’re working here” asked Joey, “yes didn’t your sister tell you?” she got it then and smiled, “I thought she meant you were here waiting for me, not working” he smiled back, “I was waiting but this is my new job, and I’m just a waiter, I don’t want to handle big things too soon” Joey put her hair behind her ears and looked at the plate someone served her “pancakes” Mike Potter smiled at her, “your Pacey really can cook, we had kept most of his recipes” My Pacey, she thought, is he still mine? She wondered “Are you two ok?” asked Mike Potter, but Joey wasn’t ready to start that conversation with someone she didn’t truly trust “That’s not your business”
The conversation was put to a halt by annoyed Joey Potter, and her father, even though was willing to continue, decided to let her alone, so he stood up. Joey realized that her remark was quite rude and felt sorry, then apologized. “I don’t want to talk about that now, there are too many things going on and I can’t handle everything” Mike sat by her side, “you don’t have to tell me anything but don’t keep it to yourself, your sister is a good listener” Joey laughed, “She’s too bossy for my taste” and he smiled reminiscing his older daughter, Bessie has been always the one who took care of Joey and she could definitely be too bossy.
Meanwhile Andie and Pacey were near the pier, a place they both remembered quite well being where they first danced and first kissed. So Pacey being the gentleman he is sometimes, offered his hand to a shocked Andie McPhee. “Are you out of your mind? People can see us!” Pacey continued in his position and raised an eyebrow, “so what? That hasn’t stopped us before” and Andie couldn’t resist the temptation, soon they started rolling around like they were sixteen years old, but then Pacey slowed down and Andie felt uncomfortable, the dance was becoming more romantic. Pacey kept looking at Andie’s eyes like he used to when they fell in love for the first time and Andie, afraid of what could happened, asked, “What are you doing Pacey?” he touched her hair, “that’s what I’m trying to figure out” but before he could even think about it Andie separated from him, “this is not you” she said “what do you mean? Who I’m not supposed to be?” Andie whispered so noisy people couldn’t hear them “you’re not the cheating type” that upset Pacey and what came through his mouth he regretted the moment it did, “no, that was you” as soon as the words were heard by the couple, Pacey hid his face with his hands, “Andie, I’m so sorry” but she ran away from him.