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28 June 2009 @ 02:36 pm
Cannibals from Another World  
Cannibals from Another World
Chapter 2 - So it's bigger on the inside?
Author x_rose_tyler_x
Rating PG
Summary The Doctor follows the trace of an alien race which seems to have something to do with meat. When that trace takes him to an hamburger shop in London, he meets Alice, a quirky spontaneous girl who will help him find the answer to his questions.

Chapter 2: So it’s bigger on the inside?

Alice thought she was going to walk more, but she didn’t need too. When she found herself in the backstreet she thought that she could have walked into the hands of a pervert. The Doctor noticed her horrified face.

‘Before you run away screaming you might want to take a look at that’, the Doctor pointed at the TARDIS and Alice looked at it confused “how can I be doing what a man who calls himself “the Doctor” is telling me?”, she thought. But her thoughts were interrupted by the light coming out of the police box she was looking at.

‘A Police Box from pfft- she huffed- years ago?’, she said, ‘I won’t go inside that with some bloke I’ve just met!’
‘You don’t have to go inside. Just take a peek.’the Doctor explained.
'And then you push me inside and kill me or worse.'
'I won't kill you. Look, I will stand away from you, I promise', the Doctor said, taking a few steps back.

Alice stared at him, wondering whether that man in front of her was an idiot or whether he was telling the truth and there was something inside of that Police Box. Alice stayed there, looking at it.

‘I’m not going to stay here the whooole day. If the Cicotricotricicotripus are planning something I want to know what it is', he suddenly seemed enlightened. 'Are there any slaughterhouses near here?’
‘I don’t think so; I mean, there is several, but not anywhere here.'
'Do you know where does the meat you use for the shop come from?'

Alice gave it some thought.

'I do! I do! When I'm bored I read those things. I seem to remember it was not Scottish but nearly. Probably somewhere Northumberland.’ Alice stopped her rant when she realized what was she talking about ‘How do you intend to go to a slaughterhouse in a Police Box?’
‘Oooh it’s so much more than that', the Doctor said, delighted. 'If you just only looked inside.'
‘But, it's too late! Who would like to go to a slaughterhouse in the middle of the night?’, Alice complained, avoiding the insistence of the Doctor
‘Do you think a group of aliens would work during the day?’
‘But, that thing looked like a human. Maybe they just pretend to be normal people working there. I mean, if I were one of them I’d think that the best way to hide is in plain sight, right?’
‘Oh, that's brilliant!’ , the Doctor agreed , 'You are brilliant. OK then, let’s go to tomorrow’
‘So you're going to sleep here and expect me to come back tomorrow morning?’, she said, pointing at it, like he was mad for suggesting it.

“Oh Alice, Alice, you are not listening to me! I said TO tomorrow. And you’re making too many questions anyway. If you just looked inside--’ , he replied, walking down to get into the TARDIS. Alice stood still for a few seconds thinking about what to do until she walked to the Police Box door, opened it and entered.

She couldn’t believe it, there it was, huge, so magnificent, so--

‘OH MY GOOODNESS! How did you-- bur this is small-- and! Wait-- but then this is like a--?’
‘Ship? That’s what I was trying to tell you aaall this time…’, the Doctor finished.
‘THAT IS AMAZING. And terrifying. BUT AMAZING. But how could you possibly have a ship unless you are some kind of--'
‘Haaa! You are a good looking alien!’, Alice said, regretting only a second later for saying that to another planet's being
‘I can't complain.’ , the Doctor agreed, looking at one of the TARDIS’ screens and turning to look Alice again "sexily".
‘Though you are a bit awkward looking.’, Alice added.

And the Doctor decided not to make that again. Alice looked again all around her and decided that she had to say something smart.

‘If you sold this technology to a car company you’d be rich. Or to a constructor. Mini houses that are bigger on the inside!’
‘I don’t need money. I’ve got everything I want. And you don't need this technology, not yet.’
‘Well that’s- wait are those more doors over there?’, Alice pointed at the background.
‘The rooms’, the Doctor nodded.
‘You’ve got ROOMS?!’

Alice started to look in any single corner of the TARDIS she could where she could see the door to come back, and then she went back to the console room, sometimes taking longer than others, although for her it looked like seconds.

'This just... aaaah!', she screamed, in awe.
‘And, if you had let me explain it to you before going on a trip by yourself, you'd know it also travels in space and time.’
‘So that’s how we’re going to the slaughterhouse tomorrow? Travelling in this? And how does it work? - NO!’ , she said interrupting herself, ‘I don’t want to know it. I want to see it!’
‘Oh, so now you’re coming, huh?’, the Doctor asked.
‘Oh come on do you usually just get people in here without them being doubtful?'
'Mhm, yeah, actually.'
'Rachel is going to die when I tell her about it'

Alice couldn’t finish the sentence; cause before do it she was totally hypnotized looking at one of the screens of the TARDIS.

‘Who’s Rachel?’ , the Doctor asked, making her go back to reality.
‘Oh! Flatmate. And best friend. Like my sister, actually.’
‘I don’t think Rachel should know about this. It will take just a few hours and maybe she’ll envy you for meeting an alien before she does. Or maybe she’ll think you’re crazy’
‘Oh she already does. She will probably think that it was a dream and she will say “May the Force be with you”, or “Live long and prosper!” I tell her everything. I need to call her!'

The Doctor looked at her, seriously, for a tiny bit second and Alice sighed, understanding.

‘She’s my only family, when my parents died her family was my family. She’s my sister’, she added.

Alice opened the TARDIS' doors and went outside. The Doctor followed her. She was so spontaneous and that was fascinating.

She had decided to stare at the sky, looking for something. The Doctor stood next to her.

‘I’m not from any of those ones you can see right now if it’s what you’re thinking. I don’t think you could find mine anyway.’

That idea wasn’t a consolation for Alice. She thought that someone who wasn’t from any visible point in the universe surrounding Earth was talking to her, and that was scary, but she loved it. So she decided to make another question.

‘The Cicotricotricicotripus... Are they from any of the ones I can see now?’
‘Oh yeah, they are… look’

The Doctor took her hand and pointed a star on the East, a little dot that was shining, so small.

‘Hmmmmm, it doesn’t look so big, if you look from here’
‘Oh well but it is like ten times bigger than your tiny little planet.’

Alice looked at the Doctor trying to find a difference with the humans in his eyes, but she couldn’t. Then, unexpectedly, she started to laugh.

‘You know? Maybe there was something on my diet Coke earlier. An alien that vanishes in front of me, a spaceship that is bigger on the inside and a man – an alien – who travels through space and time? I must be tripping.’

The Doctor felt for a moment the need to make her believe that what he said was true, and took her hand again, then made her walk inside the TARDIS. She looked at everything like it was the first time, like everything was unreal. Suddenly, the Doctor started to touch the controls and screamed:

‘Hold on!’

A strong jolt made Alice fall on her back, she didn't have any help but an "I told you so!" When the movement stopped she got up and looked at the Doctor.

‘What did you do?’
‘Look outside’, he said.
‘Look outside!’ the Doctor insisted.
‘All right!’

Alice opened the door for a second all she could feel was the fresh air of the countryside. It was in the morning. It was impossible. She went back to the TARDIS and stared at the Doctor. She thought that if she closed them she would miss something. Then she asked.

‘This is what she does’, said the Doctor, and gave a little lovely pat to the TARDIS
‘But it's early in the morning!’
‘It’s tomorrow’, completed the Doctor
‘What? Today is tomorrow?’
‘So I’ve been out the whole night?’
‘You don’t have to worry about that. We could get back to yesterday anytime’
‘So I will live the same day twice’
‘It’s possible’.
‘Hmm…the year is long enough to live a day twice, you know?’
‘But what if one of those days you save the world from the Cicotricotricicotripus?’
‘Guess we could make an exception for that!’, she grinned.

They both went outside to take of pure air.

‘Ooh… I love this…I wonder if they have Scottish Kilts. I’ve been looking for a good one for years. They’re comfortable’ the Doctor thought.
'Doctor, technically we are still in England, you know that?'

For a second they both were totally in silence, looking everywhere, trying to find any sign of life around them. The Doctor assured that the TARDIS was safe and finally he asked Alice.

‘Would you know how to take me to the slaughterhouse?’

Alice started laughing at the question and she couldn’t stop. The idea of seeing the Doctor going directly “to the slaughterhouse” was cruel but amusing.

‘Oh you understood what I tried to say…’
‘I know… I know…’ , she said while still laughing , ‘OK. Let’s go to the slaughterhouse. They could chop some of my bottom off, I have a lot’.
‘If what I think that they’re doing is what they’re doing, I think they wouldn’t mind taking some meat from your bottom.’
‘I was expecting an ‘oh, but you have a great bottom!’

They were a little lost. Finally, after walking during a few minutes, they could see the slaughterhouse and a couple of tracks parking in the warehouses.

‘You know, I eat meat, but coming to a slaughterhouse is definitely not the best plan. I think I’m just going to stay here watching what they’re doing’, Alice said. She then gave a small head tilt to the Doctor ‘Go, have fun!’
‘I don’t think you could see anything from here. Look’, the Doctor pointed at one of the tracks ‘Whatever is in those tracks, they are unloading it inside. There’s something that they don’t want people to see.’
‘Or they might just have a big garage’

The Doctor walked a little closer and Alice followed him, resigned. They both found a hidden place where they could see what was happening inside but people inside couldn’t see them. For a moment everything looked normal. The first track left a poor group of cows that seemed to know where they were going. The second track, nevertheless, went a little more inside, so the Doctor and Alice had to get closer, avoiding the look of one of the workers standing on the gates.

The man growled to order the track to go inside, so they both knew it was a Cicotricotricicotripus. The Doctor had to admit the Alice was right “Ok, they work during the day, and they don’t hide, Alice 1, Doctor 0”.

They couldn’t see what was going on outside the truck. Anyway, they didn’t need to. A few seconds after the truck got out again andthey started to hear screams inside the slaughterhouse. Alice knew what was happening and looked at the Doctor. Then, trembling, she thought that he would know that what she was going to say, but she had to.

‘Those aren't animals screaming, Doctor’.
‘They’re killing people. Humans’, the Doctor said, ‘They’re killing humans-- THEY ARE EATING

The Doctor’s shout made the Cicotricotricicotripus move from the door, and they both ran to the TARDIS again, avoiding his gaze. The Doctor ordered Alice to find a similar outfit to the workers’ one in the TARDIS closet ('How do I find it?' 'Just think about it hard and she'll help you!') and started to move around the controls…

‘Doctor, I don't think I want to go back.’
‘They’re killing people like you! Don’t you want to make something to stop them?’
‘But what can we do?’, Alice hadn’t realized until now that she was trembling.
‘I don’t know, I’m thinking about it- did you find those clothes?!’
‘Why would they want to eat us?’, Alice said.
‘Oh you are the most nutritive food in the Universe-- you have a lot of vitamins, energy, water-- you're mostly water’, and the Doctor added a hand wave to that sentence, making it seem less important that what it really was.
‘I’m glad I don’t like eating the hamburgers I prepare.’ Alice said, relieved.
‘Have you noticed if any of your habitual clients disappear?’ the Doctor asked.
‘No! No-- wait, there was this boy, Jason, he was called. Was a right flirt-- and I thought he would ask me out one day and then--’
‘Yeah, yeah to the point?’, the Doctor rushed her.
‘Oh, well, he didn’t. He just vanished. And he ate a hell of lot of hamburgers. I guess he hit the gym because he was pretty fit really but--’ She shut herself up before going on.

The Doctor went himself to the closet and took off some clothes that could “pass” in front of the Cicotricotricicotripus’ eyes. They got ready – ‘Ok Doctor, look anywhere else, I won’t change my clothes in front of you , I’ve just met you!’ , said Alice - and then they walked into the slaughterhouse again.
They couldn’t believe that they'll have to go inside of it. The screams were terrifying. But they had to.

The psychic paper made a good job, and let them pass as a “inspector” and his assistant to check the “raw material” and “livestock” , but the manager of the slaughterhouse looked more familiar, and it seemed like they wouldn’t fool him.

‘Oh no, it's the man from the shop’
‘Yeah I noticed that.’ the Doctor said.
‘Why don’t you hit him? Like yesterday? It was good!’ suggested Alice.
‘Oooh thank you, but I don’t think that the others would be happy if I did, and you know that they have those big… claw-things.”

‘There must be another way to get in there.’
‘Hmmm… well…’ The Doctor was shaking his head to find a way to say it without make it sound so dangerous , ‘If we can't go as inspectors, maybe we can as…”’
‘As what?’ , Alice asked, guessing that she wasn’t going to like the suggestion the Doctor was about to make.
‘Fresh meat!’