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02 July 2009 @ 12:15 am
Cannibals form Another World  
Cannibals from Another World
Chapter 3 - We can't do it all alone
Author x_rose_tyler_x
Rating PG
Summary The Doctor follows the trace of an alien race which seems to have something to do with meat. When that trace takes him to an hamburger shop in London, he meets Alice, a quirky spontaneous girl who will help him find the answer to his questions.

Chapter 3: We can’t do it all alone

‘WHAT?’ , Alice exclaimed.
‘Well actually you could pretend to be one of the people who are going to--’
‘But if we try to go there they’ll see us’, Alice thought not to let him talk could make him change his mind.
“’That’s not necessary, join the queue! I’m sure our friend will love to see you’
‘See ME? Where are you going to be?’ Alice asked, scared.
‘I can’t go, he knows who I am, and they wouldn’t like to eat me’.
'What excuse is that? Do you even know how your own meat tastes?'

Alice looked at the people who were walking to the slaughterhouse. They seemed so weak, unable to do anything. They were just screaming and crying, but they weren’t trying to run. She wanted to know what was happening. The Doctor could know what she was thinking and answered her question without her needing to ask it.

“They’re probably under some psychic power-- if I get to the head of the operation I might stop it and they could run. They’re more in number than the Cicotricotricicotripus, they will escape’.
‘But what if they kill me before you “get to the head of the operation?’, Alice was now really worried, and noticed that her hands were shaking uncontrollably.
‘You’ll know what to do, I’m sure!’, the Doctor said, trying to comfort her.

Alice looked at the Doctor who was already moving his head to the group and saying ‘go, go…’. She got to join them and put the same painful face they had. Ironic, now it was her who was going directly to the slaughterhouse, and for a second she thought “why the hell am I doing all this?” Anyway, she stayed there; she trusted that the Doctor would find a way to save her.

The Doctor looked everywhere for something different. All the doors were open, or somebody was controlling them. They were easy to access, nothing strange. It had to be something that the own Cicotricotricicotripus didn’t notice. That’s how they used to work. They worked for a “boss” without even knowing who it was, thinking that they were making something great for their planet's well-being.

If his conclusions were right, the Cicotricotricicotripus were getting meat from humans to send it to their planet Fralixolopatorius. Nevertheless, some of that meat was going to Alice’s hamburger shop, where they were feeding the people with more human meat, to make them more nutritive. Why not trying to send even more nutritive meat? It was brilliant, repugnant, but brilliant. The humans were idiots sometimes, but they were the species who he got along with the best.

He went back to find something different. For a moment he thought there was absolutely nothing and he became desperate. But that was good, because that's when he started to notice things. A door totally closed. No one was getting in, no one was getting out.

That was work for his sonic screwdriver. The door opened easily and there it was. A Cicotricotricicotripus ii his original form. So fat, so red, so... fluffy.

‘Oh sorry, I didn’t want to bother you’, the Doctor said, closing the door.
‘Who are you?’, the Cicotricotricicotripus, who was so fat that he couldn’t get up, yelled.
‘Oh. I’m the Doctor, but don’t worry. I was just…looking for the manager…the boss - but I guess you are not…’
‘I’m the boss here’, the Cicotricotricicotripus confirmed.
‘Really?’ , the Doctor asked, ‘It can’t be, you aren’t fat enough.’
‘Well-- We haven’t had too many meat these days. I haven’t eaten too much…I wanna put on my ideal weight and I can’t’, the Cicotricotricicotripus mourned.

The Doctor sat down in the office and started a conversation with the Cicotricotricicotripus. Oh how much he loved reversed psychology.

‘You don’t have to tell me anything if you don’t want to. Actually I was just, you know, looking around.’
‘Are you interested in buying something? I thought someone like you would like to be well fed… Doctor.”
‘Aw, me? No.‘ he shook his head looking for a good answer ‘Just curiosity…’ , he said, rubbing the left side of his nose and breathing in heavily, as he used to. ‘How are they fed? They taste good. I've tried them.’ the Doctor felt he was horrible even when he was lying.
‘We feed them with others like them. For a while it won’t be so good for our economy but when they’re fat enough-’
‘It will be the perfect business. So technically you are feeding humans with other humans’, the Doctor said, to confirm.

He got up and started to walk from side to side, confusing the Cicotricotricicotripus.

‘What makes them being so quiet? Why can’t they run?’

‘Oooooh… this.’ , the Cicotricotricicotripus moved a little and took from his neck a little device, like a stone which was illuminated, then continued talking , ‘it emits psychic waves that don’t let them move by themselves for a while, these are on the truck and all around the slaughterhouse. If there were any humans here soon or later they will end up on the blades, crying, begging, but totally unable to move. Oh, how the scream, Doctor.’ the alien said, starting to laugh ‘It sends the signal every 20 minutes.’

Meanwhile Alice found herself walking directly toward the blades If I die cut in pieces it will be your own fault,” she thought to herself. Suddenly she felt someone carefully patted her back, and noticed that the man who was behind her was making his very best effort to move. She looked at him carefully to see him pointing at something. It took her a few seconds to see it. The man was pointing at a little light on the next floor. Then he whispered through his teeth ‘it was on the truck as well’.

Alice waited until the guard checked the back of the queue to escape from there. She decided to walk around normally, smiling at the Cicotricotricicotripus, pretending to be one of them “I’ve learned something from these things…” she thought. Then the painful screams of the man that had just saved her hit her ears and her stomach. She took a deep breath, and walked to the light, and suddenly, like all what she learned on Physics at High School was false; she saw waves, literal, actual waves that were hitting directly the people that were walking in straight lines, full of pain.

She was horrified to see their faces.

On the office, the Doctor had already got up and he was having an argument with the Cicotricotricicotripus

‘I don’t think the humans are the best source…the Universe’s full of--’
‘And why do you care about them?” , the Cicotricotricicotripus said, moving a little on his chair and making the Doctor feel nauseous. 'We could eat any other thing and you’d try to save them-- you’re always trying to save the Universe, Doctor. But we need to survive.”
‘Not killing humans!’ the Doctor yelled at him.
‘They’re inferior species! Don't they survive like this, too? Cows, pigs, chicken, fish! They eat things that are weaker. Why can’t we do it with them?’
‘The humans are--’
‘They’re our best resource.’ , the Cicotricotricicotripus affirmed.

Aw, that hurt. He was right. But humans were amazing. Fascinating. There was no other way to describe them. Sometimes so predictable, sometimes so stupid and yet, they reminded him how to feel, every time. To feel pain. Compassion. Love. And now Alice was in danger.

The Doctor decided running away was a better option than trying to convince a whole species to move out of a planet. He approached one of the groups of people who were walking towards the blades. Then he punched the Cicotricotricicotripus controlling and started to touch them, trying to awaken them. If any of them could say something-- Where the hell was Alice!?

‘There must be a way to--’

Alice was calling him from the next floor. The Doctor smiled. He knew that she’d know what to do.

'Doctor, it's this thing! What makes them walk to their deaths, it's this!'
'Throw it to me!'
'Is it okay if I touch it?'
'It might not be okay, but it's worth the risk, isn't it?'

Alice looked at the new bunch of people about to fall to their deaths and at the Doctor and took the little stone stuck on the wall and threw it to the Doctor. He threw it to the floor and stepped on it. And, this time, the chaos he thought it was going to happen didn’t happen. It just… switched off.

A girl from the group started to move, then a man, then another one. All of them were moving. Some of them were looking with horror to the blades, some of them had already fallen, but the humans knew what to do when they were on danger…


Everybody started to run, making, now, a chaos. The Doctor looked happily how some of them were hitting the Cicotricotricicotripus “well a little of what their own medicine isn’t that bad”, he thought.

Alice went down to join him and they both looked at the people run.

One of the men punched a Cicotricotricicotripus in the face and got him out of one of the trucks, to get as many people as possible in it and run off, and a woman followed, getting more people into another truck.

So there they were. After the massive escape they were alone. Just the Cicotricotricicotripus and the Doctor and Alice, who were looking how all of them started to scream seeing they lost everything. The boss of the Cicotricotricicotripus got out of his office (“eeeeeew” , Alice screamed when she saw him), with all his hanging skin, and the little stone illuminated. He tried to point at them with it, but his greasy hand made it drop, and it fell on the floor, breaking.

‘NO, NO! Now none of them will work. They will escape, AAAAAAAAAAGH!'

The huge Cicotricotricicotripus vanished in front of their noses and all the rest too. The Doctor looked at the rest of the place to confirm. They were all gone.

He didn't say a word before he started to walk toward the TARDIS. Alice followed suit, looking at him, expectant for him to give her an explanation.

‘What do you have to ask?’,the Doctor said.
‘Is it done?’, said Alice
‘Is it done? They’re gone? No more Cicotricotricicotripus?’
“But don’t you think they could hide in any other place?”
‘No without those things. Aurora stones. They are very, very difficult to find. And we destroyed them. They can't control anyone else.’

The Doctor took a deep breath. Oh. he loved the North.

‘Doctor, some people died.'
'I know.'
'Is this how it goes? People die every day because of aliens we don't know?'
'Do they die because of you?'

He didn't respond, just kept walking.

Alice tried to lighten up the mood.

'You know, as scary as today was, it was also--'
‘Dangerous and exciting?’ the Doctor asked.
‘Dangerous, exciting, and maybe it ended too soon!’ completed Alice.
‘Aaaaaaaaahá…’, the Doctor laughed.

They both walked into the TARDIS, and Alice did it again. She looked at everything, everywhere around.

She couldn’t believe that she was there. Then she figured out that it was her last look. She was going back, going back to that horrible backstreet from that horrible hamburger shop. She would find a way to close it for a while until they found a new meat distributor. Then she would go to home, sleep, and when she woke up the next morning she would think that it was all a dream, a dangerous and exciting dream from where she wouldn’t like wake up. And she felt it again, a jolt and the floor on her back. They were back there.

Alice got out of the TARDIS, followed by the Doctor, to find the night sky again. He looked at her before saying goodbye. She was so smart…brilliant. Her brown eyes looked lost and full of pain; her slightly pink hair colour, which probably hid some sort of rebellious side of her trying to come out and her weak figure were not an indication of her weakness. Not at all. He was sure she wasn’t weak. She was very brave. But he couldn’t. He couldn’t tell her to go with him. People had died today, and she was one of them.

‘Is it yesterday again, then?’ , Alice asked, looking at the Doctor, who was looking at the sky as well.
‘Actually, no.’
‘The year 2897 when the people eats rats?”’, she asked, excited.
‘It’s the same day we lived, only at night. I didn’t want you to live the same day twice. You will find an excuse, won’t you?’
‘Oh! Yes! Sure.'

Alice looked at the TARDIS for the last time and smiled. 'So this was like a small trip on a huge space taxi?’
‘Yeah. A huge space taxi.’

Alice started to laugh again, in one of those attacks that made the Doctor laugh before. He, trying to resist asking the question, decided that he had to lave as soon as possible. Without looking at her again, he turned back to the TARDIS. Alice was looking at the stars, but she had a feeling and she turned to see the Doctor exactly at the moment he was opening the door.

“Ok, that didn’t work” , the Doctor thought. Alice ran to the door of the TARDIS and hugged him. She hugged the man who saved her life. The man who had changed her vision of the Universe, and then she suddenly stopped. She stayed there, and started to move back and forth. It was disconcerting, it seemed like she was going to fall at any time. After smiling for a while, she was able say what she wanted to say.

‘Thank you’

The Doctor was trying to convince himself.

‘My pleasure’ , he finally said.

And he tried again. He opened the door of the TARDIS, but her voice stopped him.

‘Doctor! Do you think that maybe, if for some reason you need to travel back to Modern Day London, I don't know, you could--’, Alice was moving back and forth again ‘come back around here and maybe--’

‘Look for me?’

‘No’, he Doctor thought. He couldn’t find her. No because he knew that he would ask her to go with him, to leave that hamburger shop and exchange it for the wonders of the universe. And he couldn’t involve someone else again.

‘Yeah. Well, maybe.’, he finally said, angry at himself for betraying his own brain.

‘You know…’ , Alice started, feeling now more confident and staying in front of the Doctor , ‘My life is just routine. Boring. Maybe Rachel could say it’s great because I always have something to tell and it’s true, but I don't think anything will compare to what I did today. So thank you, Doctor.’

He sighed, resigned.

‘If any time I come back around here I’ll come say hello, but I won’t eat ANYTHING from that hamburger shop’
‘Hey, I live in Surbiton if you want to look for me over there. As long as you come pick me up on that big space taxi. And take me somewhere else.'
‘Anywhere you want to’

She hugged him again, laughing, hopeful that this crazy man would come back some day. And that day, she would be ready to leave everything for him.

'See you soon.'

And he did it. He accepted it. She was good, and why not? It's not like he would come back for her right away. Not now. Maybe not tomorrow. But it was nice to know there was someone back on Earth who he could trust. And she would never really know how long it actually took him to come back for her.

The Doctor went back into the TARDIS and laughed, remembering the fat Cicotricotricicotripus. And he spun and ran around the TARDIS controls, off to find a new adventure.

Alone. Again.