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02 July 2009 @ 01:21 pm
Bring me Back - Chapter 1  
Bring Me Back
Chapter 1 - The Big Bad Wolf
Author x_rose_tyler_x
Rating PG
Summary: The Doctor and Alice come together again to find out about a leak in the Rift in Cardiff and two words that suggest something wrong is going to happen...Bad Wolf.

Bring Me Back
Chapter 1: The Big Bad Wolf

Alice was running around the house “where are my shoes?!”, she was saying to Rachel, who was putting on her make-up, while Alice was jumping to put her jeans on “I don’t know… why are you so
, Rachel complained. It was Saturday, and she had got a plan for both of them. Double date with two guys: blonde guy and a brown-haired one. Alice decided she liked the brown-haired one better, and Rachel agreed, because he wasn’t her type. After a few hours trying to find the perfect clothes, they were almost ready. She looked at herself in the mirror and noticed that the jeans weren’t perfect. She brushed over her hair, which was now back to her natural brown.

She smiled at the mirror and took another pair of jeans. Perfect… Just the shoes. One shoe...the other one…

And then the doorbell rang.

“Could you open the door?” Alice yelled. Her roomate, resigned, and saw her friend taking another pair of shoes in her room from the hall. When she opened the door, a tall, attractive middle-30 something man, smiled at her and entered her house like it was his own. Then he just said three words.

‘Is Alice here? ‘

Rachel looked at the man from head to toe, thinking it could be a mad client from the hamburger shop, or a banker, or a psychopath and she immediately freaked out.

‘What? Who are you? You are from the hamburger shop, aren’t you? She doesn’t even work there anymore…’
‘Oh well, I would imagine that…ALICE!!!!’

Alice immediately knew who was calling her name, after hearing his voice again and again in her dreams since the first time they met. She ran, shoeless, to find him standing there in her hall: the man who had changed her life. The Doctor was back. He was back for her. She couldn’t help but jump to hug him. A long, warm, great hug which finished with an uncomfortable look from Rachel. She stopped to look at him. He hadn’t changed at all.

‘You took less time than I thought! Ooooh…you’ve missed me!’ , Alice pointed at him, jokingly.
"How long has it been?" , he looked at a calendar in their living room ‘Six months? ‘Few days on the TARDIS actually - Oh nice hair!’
‘So you’ve missed me so, so much! How did you find my house?'
'You said you lived in Surbiton, right? I just guessed. You look like a person who would live in the number 45 of Castle Street. Or maybe I just let the TARDIS do the job for me. You know, maybe.'

The Doctor smiled.

"Actually, I'm here for a reason. I thought it might interest you. I've got a friend. He lives in Cardiff, and he needs my help."
‘Cardiff?’, Alice asked, interested , almost excited.

The Doctor looked at her confused.

"Is it Torchwood? Tell me it's Torchwood."
‘What?’ , the Doctor didn’t expect that question.
‘Torchwood. Separated of the Government, outside the Police...beyond the United Nations... It was destroyed a few years ago and was re-built and now is…like…secret?’, she said all this in a rush, like she was excited to have all this exclusive information in her head.

The Doctor didn’t know what to say, he was just shaking his head and saying all the time ‘what? What?
What…? What?...how?”’

"Okay, I don't just know that. I've done my homework, come with me."

Alice just figured out that Rachel was there, staring at them, and the situation turned even more surrealistic. She was totally shocked. She thought that what her friend had told her was a lie, or a joke. Or maybe a dream that she had and believed. But now that man was there, in her hall, talking to Alice and Alice was talking to him about the humans like he wasn’t one of them. It was impossible.

‘This is the Doctor, Doctor, Rachel’, she said pointing at both of them.

The Doctor smiled at Rachel and she didn’t say anything, a few seconds later she gave him a pat on the back and said.

‘So you’re the man who made her talk about all that stupid things? I’m going to kill you!’

But the Doctor didn’t even move and looked at Alice waiting for an answer.

‘Rachel…Don’t follow us, don’t enter, and DON’T TRY TO LISTEN! We’ll be back!’

Alice took the Doctor to her bedroom and for first time in all her life she was ashamed of how untidy it was, then she said a little excuse (“I was going out teheee…”) and found a chair for the Doctor. She made him sit by her side, and started to type.

‘After I met you I wanted to know things about you…I mean - I thought that if you ever came back you had to think that it had been worth coming back...’, Alice cleared her throat and started explaining , ‘Look…if I search on Google about you, it doesn’t show anything up, it’s like there’s a virus or something that deleted everything about you…-
‘Oh actually there is’– the Doctor pointed out.
‘That’s cool! Well…’, continued Alice ‘There are no results but this one’

Alice made “click” in the search result and the Doctor looked at it more confused than surprised.

‘A candy store!’, Alice exclaimed, ‘It doesn’t make sense… just…this ad, again and again…there’s no menu, there’s not options…I don’t know… just a lot of words about candies… but…I suddenly noticed about a word…you used to use it when we met and it was there…and it just didn’t make sense between the rest of the words…’
‘Brilliant!’, the Doctor said, pointing at the word – it was scary, but it amused him
‘Exactly. Brilliant candies… I mean…What the hell? But I’ve learned something from the Heroes 360º websites and…’
‘Heroes what?’, he interrupted, confused.
‘Oh, a TV show… - Well…nevermind. I made “click” in “brilliant” and look what appeared - a formulary asking me for a password!!! I wrote everything I thought that could be related to you…I don’t know,
TARDIS, aliens, things like that… But it suddenly came to my head…’, Alice couldn’t stop talking, ‘You know when you are alone and you hear something? Like…words…energies…things that were there before…I don’t know…it just was like a whisper “Bad Wolf”, and I don’t know why I thought I saw that words in a side of the TARDIS….like so blurry…But I don’t really remember it. It’s something so weird…’
‘That’s impossible I covered them’, the Doctor said, ‘Well, I made that child cover them’
‘So they existed?’, Alice asked.
‘Yeah they did, a long time ago….what’s behind that formulary?’, the Doctor had already put his black frame glasses and was looking at the screen. Even when he knew that he could know what was there just with the sonic screwdriver he was surprised about how Alice discovered all that for herself.
‘Well… look at this’ , Alice typed “Bad Wolf” in the formulary and something came out on the screen,
‘A full database about you… Look…here it explains everything about you…your regenerations, your two hearts – that’s weird, I like it! - And here you can see about things that have happened recently… the Army of Ghosts that became Cybermen and the Daleks…it was all true…Not terrorists! And about your past…and look here! it talks about a little robot called K-9… It’s just amazing…’

The Doctor got up of the chair. Alice couldn’t know if his face was saying that he was angry, surprised or scared.

‘That's enough. We’re going to that candy store right now’, the Doctor said, decided.
‘But weren’t we going to make something on Cardiff?’ asked Alice

The Doctor pointed at the screen and Alice exclaimed “Aaaaaaaah…”, feeling stupid. The shop was in Cardiff, and so close to Torchwood.

Rachel was in the sofa, she couldn’t believe what was happening. She wanted to listen what was going on in the room, unless she didn’t really want to. She had heard her friend again and again telling her “The ship in Christmas a few years ago, the Cybermen…they weren’t accidents, Rachel, they were aliens! It was all true! The Government lies to us all the time!”

“Ha!, aliens” , she had thought. London was a wonderful place, but, why would they all want to go there?

A noise made her turn her head; Alice was going out of her room with the Doctor and was opening the apartment’s door, ready to go out. She had changed her heels for her Converse and the Doctor seemed confused.

‘Rachel… I have to go to Cardiff for something important…I don’t know when I’m going to come back but I think it will be soon’, Alice said.
‘I wouldn’t tell her that’, the Doctor warned her.
‘Oh well, ok, I don’t know when I’ll come back’.
‘You can’t leave me! We had a plan! The guys are going to…’
‘She has better things to do that going out with a blond guy! Not disrespecting the bloke, I’m sorry’, the Doctor said. He really wanted to know how Alice could hear “Bad Wolf” and what was happening in that candy shop but, on the inside, he didn’t want to know it alone.
‘Brown hair. He has brown hair. I don’t like blond guys…just…ew’
‘But are you coming back?’ , Rachel asked , worried
‘She’s going to be fine, don’t worry’, the Doctor tried to relieve her.

Rachel looked at him calmer. She could feel for a moment what Alice told her. That man made her trust him just with just one look. She could ask them to go … “Oh shut up, Rachel, you’re not going anywhere with an alien!”. Then she hugged her friend and walked with her to the doors.

‘I know how to take care of myself, though you did not believe it, what I told you about the aliens that ate people was true’
‘Oh and she found out about the little psychic stones’, added the Doctor.
‘Yeah, wasn’t that great?!’
‘Well, actually if that man hadn’t say anything you…’
‘Hey, don’t take away my merit!’

Rachel stayed on the door listening to the conversation while they were leaving. Then she closed the door and called the two boys. The plan was cancelled. Alice went inside the TARDIS and looked all around again. Then she decided to say something interesting.

‘I still can’t believe it is…’
‘Bigger on the inside’, said both of them at the same time.
‘Ok, you are used to hear that…Why are you travelling alone, Doctor? , Alice wondered out loud.
‘I don’t need anyone’, the Doctor felt a little uncomfortable about the question
‘But…you haven’t travelled alone all the time… In the archive…it talked about… companions… assistants…why are you travelling alone now?’
‘Well you’re here right now’, answered the Doctor
‘Yeah but I’m just going to stay ‘till we find a solution for this…or not…?’

The Doctor avoided the question, so Alice made another one.

‘Their name… what were their names? The names of the ones that were…I don’t know…the two
thousand-and something years till now…?’
‘They've been three…well actually two of them came with me twice…’
‘And their names were…?’
‘Martha…Donna and…’

The Doctor hadn’t said her name for a long while. Alice could notice that he took a while to say itand looked at him, expectant. Then he took a little breath of air and said.

‘And where are they?’ , asked Alice
‘HOLD ON!!!!!!!!’

Alice held in the TARDIS, touched a button that the Doctor told her to touch and the jolt took less than what she thought. Then the TARDIS stopped. When she came out of the TARDIS she looked around her. Cardiff was wonderful; she wondered why living “next” to Wales she had never been there before.

‘You haven’t told my where are they!’ , Alice insisted, going back to the conversation
“Well - you might meet Martha today! ‘, the Doctor told her.
‘Really? Does she work at Torchwood?’, the idea was extremely fascinating for Alice. Since she had read about it she thought Torchwood was a great place to work.
‘Yeah, she works at Torchwood’
‘Do you think that one of them could have made the website? Any of your former companions, I mean’
‘I don’t think Donna and Martha knew that much about some things that were on that website. Actually I don’t think Donna knows about me at all’ , the Doctor said, noticing that now Alice knew them all too.
‘And Rose?’
‘That’s impossible!’, the Doctor shouted.

Though he knew that “Bad Wolf” was a terrible sign, he couldn’t believe it. It couldn’t be Rose. She couldn’t see him, or know anything about him now. She couldn’t contact his world. She couldn’t contact
Alice. It was impossible. For the first time in his long life, something just seemed impossible.

The Doctor mood changed a lot for a while and Alice felt that she had to say something. She didn’t want tension with the Doctor. She knew that if there was tension, she would lose all her chances to hear the question that she wanted to hear the first time they met, and the suggestion she was wishing to hear after reading about the other companions “Come with me”.

‘You know… if that candy store has puffed rice, they better tell me all they know…’cause I’m able to eat all the puffed rice packs to threat them. I’ve been looking for them for years’

The Doctor smiled, which made Alice feel so much better. Then she asked the Doctor if the TARDIS was safe there, with all the people around, and all she got was an “Oh, don’t worry, they won’t even notice that it is here”. They both stayed there for a few seconds. Alice didn’t know what was the Doctor waiting for, and she heard a noise. Suddenly something started to go up by her side and she saw a head coming up from the floor. She jumped a little backwards in shock and then the head wasn’t there anymore.

‘What the hell was that?’
‘Oh, it’s just Jack’, he answered, ‘he must have noticed that we’ve landed. You will like him- Ooooooook…actually, why don’t you just go to the candy store while I talk to him?’

The Doctor moved his head pointing the shop, which was closer than what they thought.

‘But aren’t you going to introduce....’

The Doctor stopped Alice with his head moves again and saying “go…go!”

‘All right! I hope I’m not missing something interesting’, she said, and pointed at him with a sad face.

Alice walked to the candy store while the Doctor was laughing, like enjoying the situation. A few seconds later Jack was already there, and the elevator was going down again.

‘Don’t tell her anything, but Martha wants to give you a surprise. I’m supposed to say that she’s not here. You know…’

The Doctor smiled and hugged his old friend, and then Jack looked at Alice who was walking slowly to the candy shop, to see if she could notice the Doctor, but she just couldn’t see him anymore.

‘New companion?’, Jack asked, checking Alice out from the distance.

The Doctor didn’t really know what to say and shook his head saying ‘Nah. Just a friend. Thought she would like you, and you would go all "Captain Jack Harkness, and who are you?" so I prefer that she meets you later’.

Jack started to laugh, and then he pointed at the invisible elevator, which was going up again. The Doctor made like he didn’t notice and turned to the other side. Then he felt a hug on his back.

‘I was here!’. Martha smiled.
‘Oh really? I didn’t know it!’, the Doctor turned around to hug her.

Martha looked at Jack who was laughing at them, and then talked to the Doctor.

‘So Doctor…I think we have things to do in Torchwood…Here we are, the three, again, like a team! Isn’t that great?!’
‘Well I think there’s someone else’, Jack said.
‘Oh… new companion?’ , Martha said, disappointed , ‘I thought after Donna and me you hadn’t…’
‘She’s not…’ the Doctor said , ‘I…don’t know…’

While Jack, Martha and the Doctor were talking, Alice entered the candy store. It was pretty dark to be a candy store, but the colours of the candy were saying “Eat me, eat me!”. The counter was attended by a woman that was around 40-something, blonde, smiling. A group of children were trying to steal some candies, but when they saw Alice they left them. Alice looked around a while, and she found a box with a lot of packs of puffed rice. “Ooooh bless this excuse” , she thought, and took some. Then she went to pay. The woman smiled and Alice thought something to say….

‘You know…wouldn’t it be great if these packs were like Mary Poppin’s pocket…her bag… you know…?”

Alice started to laugh unexpectedly again, she hated her nervous laugh, ‘I mean… you know…bigger on the inside…it would be…

Suddenly the woman started to laugh and got out of the counter, touched her ear and started to jump excited saying ‘She’s here!, She’s here!’

Alice was totally disconcerted, and thought that what was happening wasn’t true. The woman hugged her and then touched her ear again, saying just a few words.

‘Rose, we’ve found her!’