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02 July 2009 @ 09:10 pm
Bring Me Back
Chapter 2 - The Rift
Author x_rose_tyler_x
Rating PG
Summary: The Doctor and Alice come together again to find out about a leak in the Rift in Cardiff and two words that suggest something wrong is going to happen...Bad Wolf

Alice couldn’t say anything. Suddenly, a blonde girl, smaller than her, with brown-blue-ish eyes and a lost look appeared in front of her, from out of the blue. They both stared at each other for a few seconds. Any of them could believe that they were in front of the other...

'Rose?' , Alice asked, almost trembling.

Rose didn’t answer, she just started to look around, looking for someone, then she talked to Alice and asked.

'Is he here? Is the Doctor here?'
'He’s in Torchwood…there’s something happening with the Rift…wait…what does this mean? Where did you come from?'
'He can’t know I’m here' , Rose warned her, holding Alice’s shoulders and looking desperate , 'You can’t tell him ANYTHING'
'What can’t I tell him? I don’t understand anything; I don’t even know who you are!'
'Are you his new companion?' , Rose asked.

Alice knew what the answer to that was.

'No…I’m just…he needed to know something…he couldn’t do it alone…it’s…weird…”' she said, confusing herself for a moment.

'Did you find out about the website? And came here?', Rose asked.
'You’re his new companion', she said with a shy smile, 'Do you know who am I?'
'It's the second time the Doctor and I meet…the first one was a few months ago and I didn’t see him again’ till today - I asked him about his old companions…he mentioned you…he looked a little tingly when he named you…'

Rose smiled a bit and looked at her mum. She nodded and Jackie disappeared, touching a little button that was hanging in a necklace, something that she had used before but so much smaller this time. Then Rose sat down and looked at Alice. She was so young…she reminded her of herself when she met him. Five years, five years after their last meetin, after she started to feel how she was older every day, like she was fifty instead of twenty-five now. But she still had that innocent-naughty girl face, with her dark eyebrows, impossible to dye. Alice thought she was pretty. Immediately she knew that Rose knew more about the Doctor than anyone else and she dared to ask.

'What happened between you t...-Why did you separate?'
'Did you read about the Army of Ghosts, the invasion of the Cybermen... the Daleks?'
'Canary Wharf, Torchwood One' , Alice completed, 'Two parallel words joined in one, the void - nothing in the middle'
'I live in the other world… well…', she sighed, 'I go ahead there… I am stuck there. I can't get out'
'But…you’re here', Alice said, 'I’m seeing you…I can even…' said while she experimentaly touched her arm, 'I can touch you'
'I can stay just here. My dad, Mickey and I got to open a Rift a bit more, with no danger before…we wanted to find a way to connect both Torchwoods, both worlds…to travel through them, but we just got to open it here'
'And you can’t go out?'
'I don’t even know what could happen if I pass that door' , Rose explained , 'Maybe disintegration , or something even worse… I don’t know where I could appear… We’ve been waiting you for a long time… Actually, we’ve been waiting for anyone who got to know the Doctor enough to find the database'
'But I don’t know him enough- we’ve just met- And those words… ‘Bad Wolf’ What does that mean?'
'Oh, it's a code, a key that I had with the Doctor once to warn some danger…I used it with you.'
'But I heard those words. I saw them in a side of the TARDIS', Alice insisted, confused.
'Psychic connection', Rose answered, pointing at her head , 'I’ve learned some things from the Doctor, but is so hard to explain - don’t try to complicate it. Can I ask you a question?' Rose dared to say.
'Yeah of course'
'Does he look the same?'
'What do you mean?'

Rose moved her index finger around her face and Alice knew what she was talking about.

'Oh well…yeah…I think…in the database…the last pict that was there…he’s the same'
'My Doctor…he hasn’t regenerated in five years…that means he’s been fine', she sighed again.

Rose started to cry in front of Alice, and Alice felt so bad for her. Suddenly, she noticed she was feeling more than bad for her. She could feel what she was feeling. The pain, what she was remembering. The end of a life that was wonderful, perfect for a long time. That place, the connection that they both had was stronger than just two words. Alice started to cry too, and Rose looked at her, confused for what was happening, then she cleaned her tears and started to explain.

'When we tried to open the void between both worlds we thought the Rift in Cardiff was perfect. But we think that something could have dropped…We don’t know what it is…we don’t even know if it is human or from the space, someone from other age, maybe something from our world…but we’re afraid it is something…bigger. We need you to talk to Torchwood and find out what is it. Then you will have to tell them to close the Rift again. The both worlds will need the Doctor. Again.' Rose finished.
'And I have to warn them'
'But…how am I going to tell them about all this? How am I going to explain them that I got to know all this just coming to a candy store? He will know what happened Rose…he will want to see you... I could feel it. What you felt. I almost could see it. The Doctor and you…', Alice sighed, 'He will want to see you'
'He can’t. I can’t. It’s not fair for any of us. He could go ahead without me, and I have another life'.
'No Rose, you’re not alive…', Alice felt like pointing out, 'You haven't felt alive since you last saw him…Whatever you have done to connect me…I felt it. You love him, with all your soul. Why would you try to open the rift between the two worlds then? Rose… maybe you can come back- if we tried maybe…'

While that was happening in the candy store, in Torchwood the Doctor was telling Martha some things that happened after they said goodbye again. He told her that Donna had found someone and finally convinced him to get married and that he was checking on her from time to time without her noticing. Martha was laughing, remembering the old times. She knew that they hadn’t the same relationship now, but seeing him made her feel comfortable. Jack was laughing as well, and Gwen, Owen, Toshiko and Ianto were looking at them from the next floor, like they didn’t know absolutely anything. Owen was whispering to them

'Hey…isn’t he an alien too? Doesn’t that mean that we have to catch him?'.

Gwen wasn't even looking at him “He's Jack's friend, idiot. We can’t. And he looks inoffensive. He even is attractive…'
'Ooooooh he is', Toshiko added.
'Hey, so you like men now again? Oh well wait he’s an alien. That’s your type' Owen replied, almost moking her. Toshiko looked at him with a killer look and Ianto added 'Jack looks so happy with him…I haven’t seen him like that before'. Then they looked again at the conversation.

'So she could get out of the the Cicotroc…whatever - herself the first time you met?', Marha asked.
'Yeah, I didn’t expect it. I thought I had to run to find her, but I don’t know how she did it. She just pretended to be one of them' , the Doctor said.
'She’s good!', Jack pointed out, 'why didn’t you tell her to come with you?'

The Doctor shook his head and Martha decided to finish the sentence for him.

'After travelling with me is hard to find someone as good as I am'

They all laughed but the Doctor stopped. Then he walked to the elevator and said 'I’m going outside, if Alice comes back and I’m not there she will think that I left her alone, if she can’t find the TARDIS'

The Doctor, Martha and Jack got up. Alice wasn’t there. The Doctor looked around and thought that she was still on the candy shop. Then he didn’t say anything else, just walked there, followed by Martha and Jack. The first time he had left Alice alone she could find out a way to work it out, but, what if she hadn't now?

The Doctor felt a little ashamed of himself and thought that he was a little irresponsible, so he walked faster. When he arrived there, what he found was so different of what he was expecting. Alice was sitting in a chair, the same one where Rose had been a few minutes ago, and was crying so hard it seemed she couldn't breathe. The Doctor looked at her, when she got up and hugged him, then she just said 'If you decide to take me with you someday…don’t dare to leave me dying…'

The Doctor hugged Alice even stronger, he didn’t know what had happened, but it was really hard to hear that from someone that wasn’t even properly travelling with him. Martha and Jack didn’t know what to do. Alice felt in a few minutes all the pain of Rose in five years, as she lived it herself. She had died for a moment.

They all went outside and the fresh air made her feel better. She took a big breath of air and then looked at Jack and Martha. She cleaned her tears and looked at the Doctor, expecting him to introduce them to her. The Doctor looked at Alice worried, but she smiled, to say that she was better, and then the Doctor started.

'Jack…this is Alice' , the Doctor said.
'Oh…This is the famous Alice… Captain Jack Harkness', Jack kissed her hand and then gave her a peck on the lips , making her go all confused, then he added, 'Hope you feel better now?'

Alice laughed of the embarrassment saying 'Yeah, not really...' while she heard the Doctor saying 'Oh Jack…stop it!' and then looked at Martha.

'And I’m Martha Jones' , Martha introduced herself, shaking her hand
'Oh I’m glad you didn’t kiss me. Nice to meet you Martha' , she said, 'Well …I have something to tell you all, but first I wanna eat something 'cause now I’m really hungry…'

They all arrived to a very well-known restaurant for the Doctor and Jack and asked for fries. Alice took one, ate it in a rush and started to explain

'Someone’s been grabbing and touching the time-space Rift…to get to come to the Earth…to this Earth I mean… with any evil intentions as far as I know…and…well…something might have…dropped”
'What?', Jack said.
'I don’t know if it’s good or bad, the thing is that it might isn’t from this world…and when I mean this world I mean this Universe…is…something just…', Alice sighed and decided not to complicate things more, 'hard to explain'.
'When we closed the Rift a few years ago we planned anything human to drop, we had problems with some diseases ... it’s impossible…it would disintegrate any human'
'’Till now' , Martha pointed out , 'How did you find out? There was no one in the candy store when we arrived…'
'I’ve met a few friends…I can’t say who they were because I promised. But I know they’re not lying. I felt they weren’t lying to me. They wanted to help us. I felt it'

The Doctor looked at Alice and Alice avoided that look. He knew that something wasn’t fitting there.

“Bad Wolf”, the candy shop, the webpage, someone touching the Rift to find a way to get to THAT Earth.

It wasn’t impossible. He knew it. He knew that what Alice said him when he arrived to the shop meant something. He didn’t want to figure out about it, because that conclusion could make him go crazy. But it was in front of his face, again and again. Just a reason.

'You saw Rose' , those words came out of his mouth as a whisper.

Alice looked at him scared. She knew she wasn’t good lying. But…how could they know so quickly?

'Doctor…I promised I wouldn’t…', Alice started.
'Just tell me that she’s fine', said the Doctor.

Martha and Jack looked at each other and then at her. She was weaker than what she thought, and she finally said it.

'Ok…Doctor…I saw her. But just for a moment!', Alice took a deep breath before explaining the next thing, 'When I opened the website a kind of psychic connection started between us. When we met…I could felt what she was feeling...'

Alice didn’t know if she had to explain the Doctor what she felt. But it wasn’t necessary. The few words that Alice said hurt him more than what he had ever heard. He remembered how Alice was crying when he found her, and knew that they were Rose’s feelings. And it hurt. Then he got up and got out of the restaurant without saying anything else. Alice looked at Jack and Martha and they both told her to go with him with just a look. Alice left the restaurant too and followed the Doctor.

'So we have to pay…I think', Martha said.
'Well at least we’ll eat their fries', said Jack.
“Do you think he’s ok?'.
'No Martha... Rose…' , Jack started to say.
'I know…', she interrupted him, 'I know…It’s something I never could get rid of…and now I don’t really mind…I just wanna know if he’s ok' , Martha finished.
'Alice will make a good job, I’m sure' , Jack said, patting her shoulder carefully.
'Jack, I'm not a dog"

Alice followed the Doctor to the Candy shop, and when they arrived it was completely empty. Alice couldn’t feel Rose’s pain now there. She wasn’t there at all. She had gone.

'How did she appear…HOW DID SHE APPEAR?' the Doctor started to ruffle his hair and was moving all around all the shop.
'She just appeared…!! I don’t know! Doctor…there are some things more important than this…Something might have dropped and we don’t know what…'

The Doctor wasn’t listening to Alice. He was trying to find a way to figure out everything. A way to transport between both worlds…they got it before but now it was impossible…waves…change something…but what? Why couldn’t he find a way and Rose could? Rose had been there… he almost could smell her perfume…feel where she had been…was she still there? Maybe in the parallel world?

'Doctor! Stop! You can’t see her again! She can’t get out of here! If she did, she would die!', Alice shouted.
'What?', the Doctor asked, confused. It was the first thing he had heard for minutes.
'They don’t know what is happening but if she comes back and gets out of this room she’ll die…Combust, or something! What Jack said…disintegration! She can’t, Doctor…if you make her come back she will be cursed to stay here in this little shop for the rest of her life…is that what you want for her?'

The Doctor didn’t know what to say. But before he could find an answer the ground started to move and the floor was cracking on their feet. The Rift was opening, literally, more and more.
No hero in her sky: doctor&rosehellopinkie on July 3rd, 2009 12:11 am (UTC)


Mira, para empezar te diré que hace mucho pero que mucho tiempo que no leo fic de NADIE. O sea, salvo las cosas que de cuando en cuando escribe mi esposa, o las de musguita, pero nada más. Y joder, echaba de menos seguir un FF de esta forma. Y es de mi ultimísimo fandom. Y ahora entiendo muchas cosas que me comentaba E cuando yo todavía no tenía el honor de conocerte pero ella sí y lo estaba leyendo.

Una tarde me dijo sencillamente que ojalá te hubieran dejado la puta serie en tus manos.

Mira, yo no sé lo que va a pasar ahora con la 4 (lalalala hace oidos sordos lalallaa) pero te aseguro que sé que voy a preferir esto mil veces. No he visto historias mejor construídas en mucho tiempo...y joder...¿Rose? O sea, ¿ROSE? O sea, ¿CÓMO QUIERES QUE TE ODIE POR HACERME LLORAR DE ESA MALDITA MANERA Y HACER JUSTICIA A UN PERSONAJE DE ESA MANERA? ADFJAEORJAODJREORJ. Lo sospeché, desde que vi Bad Wolf hice *squeeeeee es mi chicaaaaaa es Roseeeeeeeeeeeeee* y Efectivamente. Dios. Y lo de la empatía con Alice (maravillosa Alice, y mira que es difícil crear una companion en la categoría de las que crea RTD, a pesar de lo que haga luego con ellas...*lalalllaa no sabe nada lalalallaal*) es sencillamente BRILLIANT. Conectar lo de la web con el Doctah y buf, cuando ya vi lo de *Brilliant* dije TIENE QUE SER ELLA YA SÍ O SÍ XDDDD O sea vengaaaa.

Dios, mi corazoncito...se ha roto....con Rose diciendo "My doctor" Aaaaay me cago en la mar. Por qué les querré tanto xDDDDDDD.T_T

Adoro a tu Doctor. Es el Doctor de Tennant y no hay más que hablar. Le tienes cogido tan al dedillo que no me cuesta nada convencerme de que cada una de sus frases y movimientos son suyos. ^^ ^^ Y otra vez más nos pasa algo curioso porque lo que a ti te pasa con Ten a mí me pasa con Maicol xDDD again, connection of aweesome.

Así que la próxima vez que te oiga quejarte de que no sabes escribir te caponearé.


&hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts