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03 July 2009 @ 01:26 am
Bring Me Back
Chapter 3
Author x_rose_tyler_x
Rating PG
Summary: The Doctor and Alice come together again to find out about a leak in the Rift in Cardiff and two words that suggest something wrong is going to happen...Bad Wolf

'Oh great now I’ll have to jump!' , the Rift didn’t give enough time to Alice to jump, cause a big crack opened in front of her, leaving a hole in the floor that seemed go to nowhere.

'You have to jump! JUMP!' , the Doctor screamed from the other side
'I can’t!!! I’m not good at jumping, in Elementary School people called me “the clumsy geese!” , if I jump I’ll fall in…wait, where could I appear if I fall?', Alice asked, looking at the hole
'Well in Australia or in another planet, maybe in another age…', the Doctor said, weighing on the options
'Well if I appear in Australia … Oh my God I’m going to appear in another planet, right?'
'Jump and hold my hand!' , the Doctor said, again.
'You won’t be able to hold me!'

Alice looked at the hole and decided not to look down again, she took a little impulse and jumped, then held the hand of the Doctor, but as she said, he couldn’t hold her. Alice was literally hanging on his hand.

'Oh great...'… The Doctor was scared and started to shout 'HOLD ON!!'. He couldn’t see her falling, it wouldn’t be the first time he couldn’t hold someone enough to don’t let her go…But he didn’t need to think about that anymore. Suddenly, someone appeared by his side, and held the other hand of Alice.

They both could get her up again. Alice woke up and hugged the guy who had helped her, and then she just said 'Thank you, whoever you are!'

The Doctor looked surprised at the person who was there, then smiled and hugged him.


Mickey hugged back the Doctor and Alice felt like she wasn’t there. She was expecting the Doctor to say anything. He looked at her and pointed at Mickey, then smiled and said.

'It’s Mickey!'

Alice looked at the Doctor expecting him to understand that she didn’t know who Mickey was, but he didn’t realize that.

'Where are they?', the Doctor asked.
'They’re fine…trying to close the rift from there…I’m supposed to go back before you close it…you’ve made it before, right?'
'I don’t know if the heart of the TARDIS could…', started the Doctor.
'No I mean Torchwood has done it before', Mickey replied.
'Oh well yeah they can help…' , the Doctor nodded.
'How did it open so much?' , Alice asked, trying to make them notice that she was there too.
'Oh big mistake…we thought it was a perfect moment to open the bridge again, and we tried, but it didn’t work …they’re not so happy on Torchwood there'
'We tried?', the Doctor stressed the WE.
'She’s fine, boss' , Mickey told him. “She just can’t come here and see you…you don’t know…'
'Yeah, right, I know, I understand…I….I know…'

The Doctor smiled and Alice did it too. When she talked to Rose she could understand why she didn’t want to see him, if the rift wasn’t working. If the bridge between both worlds opened…that would be amazing. A way to see him, to touch him again, to forget about her responsibilities there… Just that would be enough to feel alive again, but she knew that she would want more, she would want to stay, and she couldn’t.

'So…who warns Torchwood?' , Mickey asked.

Mickey and the Doctor looked at Alice and she immediately knew that that was work for her. She jumped between the cracks on the ground and got out of the shop. While she was running to Torchwood she could see Mickey and the Doctor going out of the candy shop. Why didn’t he disintegrate? She ran into Jack and Martha who were going directly to the candy shop.

'What’s happening?', asked Martha
'Well I don’t know if you’re not seeing it, but the Rift is becoming a …super rift!!!', said Alice.
'Where is the Doctor?' , Jack asked.
'He’s with Mickey, they were going to the TARDIS, and they’re trying to close the Rift from there, again'
'Mickey?', Jack wondered out loud, confused.
'Do you know him?' , asked him Alice
'Yeah, he’s an old friend…'
'I think this is so interesting to know but I think we must make something...look at there…'

Martha had just talked and was pointing at one of the bigger holes on the ground. A lot of space rubbish was dropping and some aliens started to run around the streets, creating a big chaos and panic.

'Ok I’m going to warn the team. You! Try to stop anything that is possible. I mean you' , Jack said talking to Martha, 'You’re the boss here until I’m back, I trust you, and you…', said now talking to Alice and giving her one of their weapons. 'Take this. Use it, you’ll have fun. It doesn’t kill…just maintain them unconscious until we close the Rift and they vanish. Stun-gun fun!'

Martha smiled and took Alice to one of the cracks. She was open-mouthed while she was looking the weapon. They both started to stop and shoot anything that was trying to get out of there. Alice was concentrated in doing it right, but she couldn’t avoid asking Martha now that they were alone.

'For how much time you travelled with the Doctor?', asked, while she shot a Cicotricotricicotripus that had just dropped, 'Oh great I thought I’d never see another one again…'
'Around a year, well, if you don’t count a year that never was and a few of them stuck in 1913 and 1969' Martha replied, 'Then I decided to stay here at the end because it is way…'
'Professional. And I always know that I could see him again. I didn’t want to be another lost companion. He doesn’t deserve to live a drama every time he says goodbye to one of us. I didn’t want him to go through that again. Not with me' , Martha said while she was shooting another alien and knocked him down to the crack again 'I didn’t wanted to be like…'

They both say her name at the same time.


'Who’s calling me?'

Martha and Alice turned around to find Rose, who shot another alien and smiled.

'We have some of these in my Torchwood too' , she said looking at her weapon, proud.

Alice smiled and pointed her the path with her head.

'He’s in the TARDIS'

Rose smiled back and ran into the TARDIS. She knew that the Doctor was going to close the Rift agai and she wouldn’t have too much time. But she wanted to see him. She didn’t care anymore about what was going to happen later. It didn’t matter. He was there and she was there too. And that was the only thing she was thinking about.

Martha looked at Alice shocked and said.

'That was R…'
'Yeah this looked just like an action film. You would like her. I hate it', Alice replied while she laughed.

They booth looked at the hole and noticed that there was nothing else trying to get out. A few seconds later, Jack was there with Gwen, Owen, Ianto and Toshiko.

'We got to stop these ones…good job Martha! Hey! You’re good with those weapons. If any day you’re bored … we need good marks…women!', Jack said, now to Alice.
'Oh well you can count on that' , Alice said, while she started giggling again , 'Weeeeell…'
'I think that the people who know the TARDIS must go help the Doctor', Martha suggested.
'Good idea!' Alice nodded.

Jack, Martha and Alice ran to the TARDIS, leaving Gwen, Owen, Ianto and Toshiko in charge of everything out there. 'I don’t wanna say anything, but I feel a little out of all this story' , Owen commented to the rest of his mates, who looked around seeing the whole chaos they left behind and agreed.

Alice was the first in open the door of the TARDIS, she entered and looked shocked at what was happening inside of it. They never thought they would see that. There it was, like it was his first one. A pure kiss. Not possessions, not charms. Just the Doctor and Rose. Not double intentions. Not genetic transfers. Just a kiss.

'Ooooooooooooooooooooh my goodness!' , Alice exclaimed to Martha, trying not to cry out too much.
'What?' , Martha asked while she was looking at Alice trying to take a breath.
'I’m feeling what she’s feeling!' , Alice started to laugh.
'Oh, well, I bet you’re having fun!' , Jack nodded.
'Shut up! It isn’t funny at all - Well kind of', and she started to giggle.

Mickey was already there with them, watching the scene 'I didn’t have time to warn him about that she was in the door and she just…jumped over him. He didn’t do anything to stop her either so…'

And when they finally saw the kiss finish, they heard it. How many years passed since he said it for first time? Was that one the first time?.

'Rose Tyler…I loved you. Sometimes I think I still do'

Martha covered her mouth in surprise, and Alice looked at both like it wasn’t real. She wasn’t feeling what Rose was feeling anymore. She couldn’t understand why the connection was broken but she could notice a tear dropping in her cheek. Jack couldn’t believe it and looked at Mickey, who looked at the Doctor and Rose, resigned, and saw how they were giving now one of those big hugs they used to give each other. Those hugs where they could stay for hours, feeling each other's warm and knowing what the other one was feeling. Though they never could say it. Not until that moment. The Doctor and Rose looked at each other and Rose touched his cheek, knowing that he wasn’t an image. That they only had that moment. But it was enough. She had had what she never could hear but she knew. She was alive again.

'We have to close the Rift, Doctor' , Rose whispered.
'You can stay now', the Doctor said 'We could close it together, you can come with me again. Just like the old times'
'We can’t', Rose said, 'You’ve never made anything wrong for what you felt, Doctor. I am not an exception. I’ve never been different. You’ve moved on until now. You know you will do it again. Give yourself a chance. And I have a family there…a five years old little brother…and there’s someone…'
'Oh', the Doctor understood 'I know- I know you’ll be fine. How is your Torchwood going?', the Doctor asked, trying to forget about that “someone”.
'Well quite good if we forget this little incident…'
'Rose Tyler, defender of the Earth…still working' , the Doctor said, almost laughing.

For a moment he realized that he tried to forget it, to deny it. Though all his companions had been amazing. Even when Martha and Donna were special too (and Donna had been his best friend) , there was no one like Rose. Hundreds of years and there she was. His soul mate. And he knew he was going tosay her goodbye for the last time. For ever.

'Your world needs you'

They hugged again for a while and Rose didn’t say anything else. She looked at him and then ran to the door of the TARDIS. She smiled at Martha and whispered 'I hope you looked after him!', and then talked to Alice, trying not to let him hear.

'If you want to say him something…Say it before it’s too late'
'Wait…how do you…' , said Alice, confused.
'You’re not the only one with that empathy'. Rose hugged Alice and then just said 'Look after him'

Then she just jumped to hug Jack, and they both started to laugh.

'Thanks!' , Jack said.
'Oh well, maybe you haven’t noticed that I’m alive and I’ve just hugged you…And it has something to do with you…'
'Actually it wasn’t all my fault but you’re welcome…!', Rose smiled.
'I can’t die. I’ve been shot. Many times. It hurts. And it's all your fault', Jack said.
'Aw, really?'
'Yeah, but it has its advantages. But I’m not going to tell you which ones…!'

They hugged again. Mickey hugged Martha and Alice too and Jack, and the Doctor…Everyone loved hugging each other in that TARDIS. It was kinda weird but no one asked.

The Doctor called Martha, Alice and Jack to go where he was and saw Rose leaving with Mickey. And he really knew she was going to be fine. He felt so much better. Both of his hearts were beating with happiness. He finally had his chance to say it. He could kiss her, he could hug her, and he let her go. But she was going to go ahead. He was going to do it too. It was everything what he needed to know when he knew that he couldn’t see her anymore.

Each one of them took a place in a side of the TARDIS and started to pull from wherever they could to break it an open it until get to the heart. Alice felt for a moment as one more in the team. She left unconscious some aliens, she met the Captain Jack, who was extremely sexy, and two old companions… and she had been working in Torchwood, not literally, but she had. In a few hours. She couldn’t ask for more. It was like a perfect day. And then she thought that maybe for a normal girl that would be a nightmare and that made her smile, and she pulled more, while she heard a 'Don’t look at the light!!!'

In the candy shop Mickey and Rose transported again to the parallel Universe. And they saw it. The Rift was closing under their feet again. And everything what they had done to open it was lost. But it wasn’t going to be necessary anymore.

Rose and Mickey hugged and Rose started to cry out loud of happiness. Jackie, Pete and William, her little brother, joined the hug, and her mum kissed her front, knowing that she was finally fine. That she was feeling happy. And she guessed that all what she needed was a Doctor.

In the TARDIS, the Doctor, Martha, Jack and Alice looked how a light was switching off in front of their eyes. Then the Doctor gave a little pat to the controls of the TARDIS, and said with love 'I’m not going to do this to you again. I promise'.


'So don’t come back to make this chaos again' , Jacked mocked him while he was saying good bye to the Doctor , 'and you',he said to Alice 'You know, we need good markswomen! If any time you... - You know' he said, pointing slightly at the Doctor.
'It’s in my list of jobs I would like to do, believe me!', Alice said while she ran to hug Jack. She didn’t know when she was going to see him again. She just had to.

Martha hugged the Doctor and said 'See you soon…!' . She was happy because he was happy. She didn’t love him anymore, she knew that, but she would always want to see him again, because, after all, she needed him. And she would do it again. And if she didn’t, at least Torchwood would.

Alice and the Doctor got into the TARDIS again. Alice walked around expecting the Doctor to say something. Anything. And then she started to move back and forth on her feet again . Just like she did when they first met.

'I’m alive…' , she said.
'I know!! And you stopped the ones that were going out of the crack! You’re good!!!', the Doctor grinned.
'I am!!!'

The Doctor hugged Alice and smiled. She had been really good. She really was very good.
Alice started to look around the TARDIS again and noticed that, that time, was the last one. She got him to look for her once, but it wouldn’t happen twice. She knew that he wasn’t going to ask her to go, no after seeing Rose again. Not after meet her again. But Rose said it, 'Say it before it’s too late' . And after all, she had known the Doctor better than any other person in most of his life. So she followed the advice.

'Why don’t you want me to go with you, Doctor?' , Alice dared to ask.
'What?' , the Doctor actually didn’t expect the question.
'What’s wrong with me? You’ve just said I’m so good… why don’t you want me to go with you?'

The Doctor didn’t look at Alice and looked down, touching one of the controls of the TARDIS. Then it started to shake and Alice knew finally the answer to what she was wondering all the time. It was like an inspiration, but there it was. The reason why he didn’t want her to go.

'I don’t have anything wrong! It’s all the opposite… I’m good…! I’m so good!!!' , she started to say.

The Doctor wanted to say something but Alice was already lost in her theory.

'No! Wait! When you met Martha…and Donna…you knew that they had something to do on the
Earth…that in any moment they would want to come back, that they wouldn’t stay with you for the rest of their lives… But when you met me… I don’t have anything here. Why would I want to come back?

And you don’t want that to happen to me…. You don’t want it to happen to you again…You think I’m going to depend on this until something worse finishes it and you don’t want that. That’s why you don’t want to take me with you… But I’m not Rose, Doctor…I’ve met her and I know the risks and I want to go…And I know what could happen, and after all I still do…Don’t deny me the chance! Because I deserve it! We can be so good together...!'

A jolt make Alice fall down on her back again. She woke up and went directly to the TARDIS’ door.

Then she looked at the Doctor and said.

'Well, I’m going home… It was a pleasure to travel with you. Thanks for coming back”' , Alice didn’t want to show the Doctor that she was really sad. But, as she used to giggle when she was nervous, she couldn’t help a tear falling when she was going out.
'Wait' , the Doctor said, 'I’ll go with you… with all the clothes that were in your room you’re going to need someone to help you up to take all your stuff…'
'What?' , said Alice
'I hope you don’t take anything from Rachel, she hates me enough already and…' , the Doctor continued.
'You can’t be serious…!'
'Actually you must try not to take too much cause…'

Alice took the Doctor’s hand and made him go to her house. Then she opened the Doctor and found
Rachel in the sofa, crying. She was watching the News. There was a lot of cracks on Cardiff, and her best friend, her sister, was there.

'I haven’t fallen in any of those if that's what you’re wondering…!! You won’t get rid of me so easily, sistah…!!!'

Rachel turned and saw her friend and the Doctor there. She couldn’t believe it. They were fine. She hugged her and then she gave another clap in the shoulder to the Doctor, but this time it was meant to be a grateful tap.

'So you looked after her!'
'Oh I didn’t need to. She can do it all alone. Tell her while you prepare your baggage' , the Doctor suggested.
'Wait…your baggage? Where are you going?' , Rachel asked, looking at Alice
'Anywhere!!! I don’t know! Where could we go?' , Alice asked.
'You decide!', he answered .
'Oh I have a lot of ideas… the sixties…, rock n’ roll, Hairspray!!! Or Greece! Or Rome! Oh and anywhere with sun and big big big beaches … is there any planet like that?'
'Yeah a few…' , the Doctor exclaimed, 'Lots of them!'
'Oh my God I’m going to take my bikini!', Alice was jumping overwhelmed by joy.

Alice ran to her room and started to fill a bag with everything what she could. Rachel ran there too behind her and stared at her. She couldn’t believe that her friend was leaving with someone she had just met.

'What the hell are you doing?!!!?', Rachel said, noticing she had just yelled at her friend.
'Rachel…you don’t have an idea of what happened tonight…That man has changed my life forever and I need to go….If what happened today is just a little part of what I’m going to live in the space or wherever or whenever we go , then I really need to go'
'You don’t know him!'
'I know him more than I’ve never known anyone but you, Rachel…' , Alice stopped filling the bag to talk to her friend , 'And when we come back for a visit…I’ll take you with us. A trip, for a few days. I promise.'

Alice took the last pair of shoes and put them in the bag. Then she hung it on her shoulder and found the Doctor watching the News. He had his black frame glasses again.

'They said it’s been an earthquake and a lot of earned energy “exploded” or something like that… how can you believe those things?' , he exclaimed, surprised.
'I’d believe it… In fact I’ve believed it all until…now', Rachel said.

The Doctor smiled at her and told her to go with them to the TARDIS. She couldn’t believe it. A blue Police Box. How could it…?

'Take a look' , the Doctor suggested her.
'What?' , Rachel asked, still looking at it.
'Oh c’mon and get your head inside there, c’mon!' , Alice insisted.
Rachel looked a little scared inside of the TARDIS. Then she got out her head and looked at Alice and the
'It is…' , Rachel whispered.
'Bigger on the inside!' , said all of them in unison.

After the last hugs and goodbye words, the last tears and the last 'She can call you, I know how to do a few things to her cell phone to make it work', Alice started to cry before talking to Rachel for the last time.

'Rachel…please tell your parents I’ll be fine…tell them that I have a job somewhere- and in the Earth for God's sake! And that I’ll call them. They’ve been great parents for me all this time'

She wiped her tears and got inside the TARDIS. Then, she looked at the Doctor. He was around there touching buttons and pulling of levers. Then she heard a 'could you pull of this lever?' and she left the bag to help.

'Are you alright?' , Alice asked.
'I’m better than ever… and you?',
'I think I’m going to feel better and likely in the air if you make this disappear somewhere out of this planet right now…!'
'So there we go!!!!!! Welcome aboard, Alice!', the Doctor welcomed her.

And the Doctor moved the last lever of the TARDIS, which was taking them to their first adventure as the Doctor and his new companion.

No hero in her sky: applaudshellopinkie on July 3rd, 2009 09:15 am (UTC)


Pero qué final tan épico y en qué poquito tiempo me lo he leído. Y ha sido precioso, como, no sé, com una gran conclusión / homenaje a la serie, ¿sabes? Y *se suena los mocos* No sé por qué decías que no me iba a gustar tu conclusión con Rose. What? Era definitivamente lo mejor para los dos que esto sucediera. Además, si ella tiene a alguien y él ;) ya tiene nueva companion, que no es una cualqiuera, sino una que le ha entendido más que nadie en tan poquísimo tiempo y que además ha conectado a la perfección con la media naranja de Ten &hearts

JODER, definitivamente la "action scene" ha sido una pasada. WOAH, estuvieron todos absolutamente inmensos xDDDDDDDDD. Del beso no tengo mucho más que decir salvo que &hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts y esas cosas.

Y el epílogo justo, bien repartido y como tenía que ser. Ya le iba a pegar yo al Doctah por no aceptar a la buena de Alice como companion :DDDDD

Ha sido una genialosa experiencia leer este FF, miss.
Taylah: gleex_rose_tyler_x on July 3rd, 2009 09:52 pm (UTC)
Jajajaja ya irás viendo con qué cosas coincidimos RTD y yo y cuales cagó él directamente. Estoy encantada de que te haya gustado hun! Cuando empezó a tener éxito en el foro de David (tres páginas de comentarios) no me pude creer lo que estaba pasando. Tengo que decir que ponía "I love you, I still do", pero quería hacer al Doctor seguir adelante y eso lo cambié con el tiempo. Quizás no debería haberlo hecho, pero está claro que ese "Sometimes I think I still do" significa I STILL DO, directamente.

Lo de Rose... ese "someone" yo quiero creer que realmente no existe. Osea, cuando lo escribí quise dar a entender que se lo había inventado para que fuese un poco menos duro. De hecho, es como el "I loved you" del Doctor. Se lo están diciendo todo sin decirselo bien porque si lo hacen se querrán quedar y se armaría...

Sobre Alice..tuve miedo de hacerla Mary Sue. Pero luego me di cuenta de las cosas que hacer RTD y he pensado ¿qué pasa? ¿El MarySuea a mucha gente y yo no puedo meter a una companion que por una vez tiene la mitad del trabajo hecho? Realmente no creo que nadie se haya puesto a buscar sobre el Doctor. Y punto, algo había que hacer.

Y no sé, me alegro muchísimo de que te haya gustado. Espero que te rias/te gusten los siguientes. Aunque con que hayas leido este yo ya soy feliz. Gracias por la review, hun &hearts &hearts