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11 July 2009 @ 01:34 am
Sings of a New War  
Signs of a New War
Chapter 1 - Ashes to Ashes
Author x_rose_tyler_x
Rating PG
Summary: The Doctor and Alice face the oldest of the Doctor's enemies in the most innocent of the trips.

The TARDIS started to move faster, and Alice decided to sit down on the floor to don’t fall and stare at the place. The Doctor was around the controls and looking at her face, she was totally amazed by the moment. A big jolt announced that they had landed and the Doctor said to the TARDIS “You’re going to take a while to recover…eh…”

Alice woke up and looked at the Doctor. Their first trip out of the Earth. She couldn’t believe it, the phone-box-taxi had finally become a spaceship.

‘Shall I look?’, Alice ran to the doors of the TARDIS and looked at the Doctor with expectation.
‘Look’ , he nodded.
‘Wait…you know where we are, really?’
‘Yeah…I think I know…, look!’, and then he grinned.

Alice got out of the TARDIS and explored the place; there they were, in a big funfair, somewhere outside the Earth. A big and amazing alien funfair.

‘We’re in Cananolalicius City’, the Doctor laughed, and he couldn’t help laughing at one of the giant balloons that were floating in a side of the place.

‘Why isn’t it called something like…“Amusement Land” or “The uber-awesome land” instead of Cananolalicius City !!! Who would remember that?’, Alice was totally excited, she hadn’t been in a funfair for years.
‘Looks like any other human but you’, the Doctor whispered, ‘There are some things that you won’t understand here but actually…’

She could notice one of those old attractions that consist in hitting a big hammer in a corner, and screamed ‘Oh look, one thing I know!’, and then she ran directly to it and looked at the people playing.

Aliens, oh…aliens. A green woman smiled at them and the Doctor waved to say hello. Alice smiled back and then tried to assume that the aliens could be nice too. It was hard; after all, her first experience with them wasn’t that good.

‘Where can we ride at? Please tell me that we’re not just looking!’
‘Oh no, we aren’t!’

Alice started to giggle nervously again ‘You know? I feel like a child when they take her to Disneyland for the first time. Just that I’ve never been to Disneyland!’

‘Which year are we in?’, she asked, jumping again and again to see if she could find more attractions where she would like to go.
‘So you’re saying that just a few years later from where we were a few minutes ago all this already exists?’
‘Oh…there are a lot of things you have to see in this Universe, you don’t have idea about how big it is…Alice……why don’t I know your last name?’, the Doctor looked at Alice with an strange face that she considered confused.
‘Because you haven’t asked’ , Alice said, ‘It’s McAlister, Alice McAlister, it’s a kind of…poetic alliteration, my parents liked that, and I’m 21, if you don’t know that either’

The Doctor noticed that he really didn’t, and realized that he hadn’t asked her anything about her. All what he knew until that moment was that her parents died, that she used to work in a hamburger shop and that she lived with her best friend. And that was all.

‘Well where was I?... Oh yeah… You can have now an idea of how big the Universe is, Alice
‘But isn’t it weird for them to see us around here?, I mean, we are the only people that look like humans’
‘Oh well they’re not like you - I mean... the humans, they don’t notice you or treat you as you would do to them…They’re pacific…and…I’ve been here a few times before so’
‘Oooooh, so the Doctor also knows how to have fun… that’s good to know!’, Alice laughed, trying to avoid the fact that the humans were really stupid sometimes.

The Doctor smiled at Alice, and took her hand. Then he made her run until they arrived to one of the attractions. He stood in front of it and stared for a while; then he smiled and just said. ‘Oh…my favourite…’
‘What is it?’’, Alice wondered, looking at a big metal ball in front of her.
‘Put both hands in there, each one in a side and close your eyes’, the Doctor indicated her.
‘What for?’
‘Just… do it!’

Alice did what the Doctor told her, she put her hands on the ball and closed her eyes. For a moment, she couldn’t see anything, but when she least expected, she started to see what was happening. She was floating on the air and looking at the Doctor . Suddenly, she could feel her body elevating a little more…and a little more…and a little more…and saw him becoming smaller, she saw the hammer, the big wheel, the lights… She was flying around the planet.

‘I’m flying!’ , Alice exclaimed with her eyes closed.

She was feeling it, one of the best emotions of the world. Flying.

‘Open your eyes…but don’t stop touching the ball!’ , the Doctor warned her.

Alice opened her eyes and looked down. She was hanging the ball, but from a few meters from the ground. She was really floating. She almost left the ball and fell but she took a deep breath of air and decided to calm down. Then she closed her eyes again and she was still flying, she could see some of the buildings, something that seemed like a sea, “Ha”, she thought, “I bet the NASA would give anything to know about this”. After a while, she was turning back to the point of takeoff, descending again through the air to the funfair, and the Doctor was closer and closer. Finally, she felt her feet on the ground again.

‘That…was…the…best…experience…. I’ve…ever..had!’ , Alice screamed with emotion, ‘C’mon! Your turn!’
‘Nah’, the Doctor regretted the offer, shaking his head, ‘It’s been a while since I don’t…nah’
‘Oh, c’mon, you’ve just said it was your favourite!’
‘Ok but we’re gonna have a ride together – not literally, I mean… You know what I meant!’ Alice said, and dragged him to the big wheel , which started to spin around over itself.

It was their new stop. She had never felt sick after riding at a wheel and she was sure that she was going to be more secure than in the TARDIS sometimes, at least there were things to hold her in the attraction.

The Doctor got on it, resigned, and she could listen to him laughing once or twice, but she didn’t want to spoil the moment by saying “Ahá!!!!!!”. When they left, she could see the Doctor walking, like he hadn’t been there. He was toally calmed down and in the right direction. She was still staggering along when a question came to her head, and, as she wasn’t enough conscious after all that spinning around, she decided to ask it.

‘Doctor, did you take me with you for my super big speech about you not leaving me and all that stuff, or had you already thought about it?’
‘You’ll never know that’, the Doctor answered, mysteriously.
‘Why? I just want to know if what Rose said to you made you change your opinion’

The Doctor stopped walking and looked at Alice confused. There she was, so espontaneous.

‘What did she say that could have made me change my opinion about you?’
‘"Give yourself a chance…" A chance to what?’

Before the Doctor could open his mouth to say something else, some screams echoed from the end of the funfair. They both ran where they were coming from to find a mound of aliens screaming and running from side to side. The fun was over. Although, for him it was probbly just starting.

‘What’s going on!?’, the Doctor asked to the green female alien that had said hello to them in the hammer.
‘Someone shot him! Someone shot him!’, she was screaming.
‘Who was shot!?’, Alice asked.

The alien looked at Alice like she had to know what was going on. Then she decided to explain the situation.

‘In “The House of Impulses”’ she replied.
‘“House of Impulses?”’ the Doctor looked confused, he had never heard about that attraction
‘Yeah, it’s new; it’s been here for a little while now…They said it was going to be fun…that it was to help avoiding the stress…that they were going to control the violent impulses…Once I hit one of that huge sacks, and it flew so away that…’
‘Wait, haven’t you said that it controls the violent impulses?’ said the Doctor, ‘How can an attraction control your reactions? What do they use? Drugs? Gases?’
‘What? - I don’t know! They don’t give us anything when we go inside…It controls our impulses against other people…We can just…hit all our anger against traps…It’s…relaxing’, the alien was totally lost in that moment but a voice made her back to the reality.
‘Oh…’, Alice said, disappointed, ‘So no more attractions for now, right?’

The alien and the Doctor looked at her trying to say with a look that she sounded totally insensitive.

‘Oh no! I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to say that! I…I…I think we must try to see what happened shouldn’t we, Doctor?’ she asked, trying to avoid their looks.
‘Yeah…that’s better!’

Alice and the Doctor took advantage of the moment when the manager was trying to explain the police that it wasn’t his fault. Then, they went inside carefully. The Doctor prepared the psychic paper just in case someone was around there, but they seemed to be more worried in fix the chaos outside than in trying to find what had happened inside.

‘Be careful… if this is called “The House Of Impulses” must be for something…’ the Doctor noticed one of the sacks that was hanging on the air to “relax” the people and moved his head before it could hit him, ‘If what they use is a kind of gas…we don’t know what it could make to a human’

The place was like one of those children attractions full of traps to get to the top, it didn’t look harmful at all at first, but the things kept coming every now and then and tried to ‘cause in them some kind of anger.

‘Oh you know actually it wouldn’t be that bad to hit a few things now, counting the fact that our first trip have finished being the investigation of the murder of …Wait. What – I mean – “who” was killed?’
‘I don’t know!’ , the Doctor replied ‘But whoever it was…there’s not too much left to see now…’

The Doctor pointed at the floor and they both saw it. Just a bunch of ashes was in front of them.