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11 July 2009 @ 11:18 pm
Merry Christmas, Rose Tyler  
Merry Christmas, Rose Tyler

Minific written for Christmas...two Christmases ago. Between "Signs of a New War and Choices"

Rose sat down in her desktop on Torchwood, and looked at the files on the webpage, she had to add something else, the time they had opened the Rift and it didn't work. They had to warn people to not to do it again, just in case.

She was smiling because she could finally smile again. She noticed that she hadn't had time to explain Alice how to update the webpage, though she knew that only thinking about it she already knew it. She started typing, trying to remember the old good times on that time of year.

She left a lot of words still unspoken, a lot of things to tell him. Would he think about her now? He would probably be in another planet, and she wondered if all what had happened to her a few months ago had happened years ago to him. She knew the life with the Doctor was like that. Two days were an eternity with him sometimes, and sometimes a year could last five minutes. How much to show him, to explain him. He had never met her brother. Jackie had had kid, a wonderful kid who was now almost six years old and was running and playing around the corridors of Torchwood, annoying her, almost not letting her write.

'William, stop!', she said, trying not to sound so rude.
'Are you writing again about that Doctor?' his brother asked.
"Damn kid, he's so clever!” she complained to herself.
'Why don't you tell me more about him?', William asked, 'You always talk about him. Mum said you was going to see him when you left one day'

Rose took a deep breath; she gave him a little pat on the bottom, smiled and made him sit on her knees. After waiting for a few seconds to assimilate that she was going to talk about her past, she finally asked him 'What do you want me to tell you?'

'Is true that you once were in a museum with alien things?', he asked, excited.
'Yes! I was there, and you wouldn't like it! Eeewww... they were horrible and they made "rrroooaaaaar!"', she said, trying to make a growl that couldn't scare anyone.
'But weren't they death?', he asked.
"Ok, he's too clever", Rose thought.
'We once went to a place full of spaceships. Do you see all these things that are always flying around here? Well, they were ridden by aliens and there were thousands of them all around the space!'
'They were nice?', William asked, and grinned
'Well...- Sometimes they were, sometimes they weren't'
'The Doctor was your boyfriend?'

Rose looked at her brother shocked, "extremely clever", she thought again. Then she smiled, trying to avoid the question, and suggested him something to stop asking.

'Wouldn't you like to go back home and eat cookies? I've heard mum was making pudding! It's Christmas!'

Her brother left her knees as soon as he heard those words and started to jump, screaming "pudding!, Christmas pudding!". Rose closed the window of the website on her computer, but before she woke up she heard a little noise.

'Aw, this operative system...Here we go again...!'

Usually, she used to click on "cancel", but for a weird reason, she wanted to look what the little square on the screen was saying. She didn't have time to read it, the square took over the screen, becoming one of those posters that were all around her old London on Christmas. Below the Santa Claus, there were big letters.


Rose looked closer, below the big "Merry Christmas" there was even more, a lot of small text.

"Is it Christmas now there, right? Yes, isn't it? We've just came back from Sacotrofax. We don't want to go back to the Earth yet, so we decided to go back later, but on Christmas. They won't notice - Oh I love this! (Hey! it’s Alice writing now!)

We know that it must be Christmas around there - and this idea was mine! Ain't I clever? (Yes it's Alice again!)

So we decided to wish you a merry Christmas, I kind of touched a lot of stuff to get to send you a message, and we don't know if we'll ever get trough it again, but at least we tried!!! The Sonic Screwdriver, it never dissapoints me.

PS: I promise to keep the website updated! - Alice
PS2: I won't let her spread more things about me around the Internet. I'm not saying I don't like it but... - Doctor.

Well right...
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!!!!!
The Doctor and Alice

PS3: I miss you

Rose just took a few seconds to save the image and put her as her screen desktop. And she smiled again, while she walked away to give his brother a big piece of pudding.

"A Merry, Merry, MERRY Christmas", she thought.