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14 July 2009 @ 12:52 am
Choices - Chapter 1  
Choices - Chapter 1: Back at home
Author x_rose_tyler_x
Rating PG

Note: In cursive, parallel Doctor and Alice actions – dialogues.

Chapter 1: Back at home

‘Back at home!’ Alice exclaimed, jumping around the TARDIS. ‘I have a lot of things to tell Rachel! I have a lot of clothes to wash and to buy and I have to get a new toothbrush and…’.

Alice had changed her voice and seemed confused now. She looked around twice and said again ‘We’re not at home…’

‘What? We’re in London, this is 2007, and you’re at home! Look! That kid has one of those…iPods!
That’s it. You're at home!’
‘Stop saying that!!! It doesn't feel like home... Well maybe it’s because it’s been actually a few days on here and I’m feeling it now that I’m on the Earth’s time, isn’t it?’
‘Nah…not really… It’s…probably because you haven’t left yet…’ the Doctor answered, looking at Alice’s house doors ‘Ok I might have made a mistake but we can get back to the TARDIS and…’

Alice looked at herself from a few meters. She was coming out of her house with Rachel.

‘Doctor…that top I’m wearing. I bought it the morning of the day you came back and we went to
Cardiff, when the rift opened. I didn’t have time to use it…’
‘Uh oh…hide, hide… You don’t know what could happen if you and ‘you’ meet’, the Doctor took
Alice behind a wall ‘What did you say?”’
‘I never used that top! Actually I didn’t even take it with me. And I don’t know why because it is great; remind me to take it the next time…’
‘Well! We might be in the future. Let’s go into the TARDIS then! I’ll take you a few days after we left’
‘No, Doctor. It’s not the future either. I mean I look exactly as I used to when – Oh no’

Suddenly they heard a sound behind their backs. A TARDIS was landing over THEIR TARDIS. They looked at each other confused, but the Doctor stopped Alice in her way to the doors. He made her wait for a few seconds, and they stared at it for a while.

Another “Doctor” was getting out of the TARDIS now, and he had his frame glasses on his face. Just a few seconds later, a blonde woman came out of the TARDIS.

The Doctor and Alice looked again at each other.

‘What?’ the Doctor exclaimed.

“Why are we here, Doctor?”
“I don’t know, according to what the TARDIS said we’re exactly a few hours after yesterday. It seems
like Alice’s house…”
”Maybe I didn’t make the right choice coming with you…she deserved it. She had that something…”
”But you said yes, Rose”

‘Oh fine… I never left’ , Alice sighed.