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Choices - Chapter 4: Both Worlds
Author x_rose_tyler_x
Rating PG

Chapter 4: Both Worlds

They didn’t know for how much time they had been driving when they arrived to Cardiff. Probably it had been just hours, but it felt like days. Alice could feel how she was going to fall down, but she tried to remember that there was another Alice out there trying to get the control of the world with another Doctor which was far naughtier than her one.

They ran to the Torchwood secret lift, and got down to the offices.
‘Get them!’ Jack screamed.

Suddenly, the Doctor felt that he couldn’t move. Ianto and Owen were trying to take him to somewhere.

‘Jack stop!; Stop, it’s me!!’, the Doctor said, raising his hands.
‘I know it’s you’, Jack said, ‘I can’t believe you dared to come here. Do you know what have you done to us? Playing with the time, with the Rift…thousands of aliens have arrived saying the Doctor made them come to here! It was all your fault!’.

Alice could felt the disappointment on Jack’s voice, and she looked at him, trying to say he was wrong, that all what he was saying was the other Doctor’s fault. But she couldn’t talk too much either, because
Gwen, Toshiko and a, this time stronger Martha were holding her enough to don’t have a breath to talk.
She started to cry when Gwen looked at her. Aw, she hated that stupid empathy, she looked at Toshiko and Martha and said ‘We can leave her; she’s nothing without him’.

Alice felt as she could breathe again, and tried to say what was happening.

‘This is not our fault! They’re not real, this is not...’, she stopped, because she looked at the Doctor and found out that she couldn’t tell them that their lives there - which had existed in that parallel world she created - weren’t real, ‘Martha, you’ve known me. You’ve known the real me, you know I wanted to go with him, save the world, face evil aliens, take risks..., that I really liked this!’
‘The Alice I once met wasn’t the Alice I’ve heard about lately’, Martha replied, ‘I really thought you liked all this. I almost thought I’d see you here with us some day. But you’ve decided to send us pain, aliens, disease. We always knew it was all you. They told us!’
‘But it wasn't us!’ the Doctor said, ‘Martha, please…’

She couldn’t look at him again. Martha knew all that time that the Doctor wouldn’t dare to make all what those aliens told them. But it had all seemed so real… She almost thought he regenerated again, and, taking advantage of his new personality, the Doctor became evil. But she never believed that. Even the idea of the Master came to her head. But she saw him die.

‘Let me speak!’ , the Doctor begged them.

Jack looked at Martha and then at him. Finally, he added.

‘Leave him’

The Doctor said ‘Thank you!’ to Ianto and Owen and sat down in a chair. Then he took a deep breath and started to talk.

‘Right! So the TARDIS took us…took them here, but they’re not real. All what it seems like we’ve done, it’s all their fault, not ours’
‘What?’, Owen asked, ‘What the hell are you talking about?’
‘Oh well nice to meet you again…’, the Doctor nodded, ‘It was a kind of mix, I don’t know, I just know we’re the ones you once met, and that we don’t plan to take over the world’
Alice started, ‘I just said “what would happ”’
‘Ssshhhht’, the Doctor hushed.

‘Well yeah I just said… something wrong and it all became a chaos. But I’m new you know! I’ve just been a few…wait I don’t know for how long we’ve been travelling… I don’t get that entire timey wimey thing Doctor’
‘I’m sorry!’, the Doctor said, ‘The fact!’, he continued, ‘is that we have to stop them, and change their thoughts. Convince them about how great saving the world is, not planning to control it’
‘They want to use the Weevils to make an invasion. Then use them to save the world and make the people trust them’
‘And we thought they’d try to use you…’, the Doctor told them, ‘They’ll come here, soon, and they will tell you that they need your help to stop them. But they were the ones who made them…’
‘Go nuts’, Alice completed the sentence.
‘And how do we know that you’re not the bad ones?’, Ianto asked.
‘Well we’d have already tried to hit you, and go to the last floor to open the doors of the Weevils that are already here’, the Doctor said.
‘Yeah, they’re like our evil Mary Sues, we can tell what they’re going to do. I mean I know what I would do ….and I’m not going to say the evil worlds to make this all worse’
‘But wait, do you mean there are other two of you out there?’
‘Yeah, and they will try to take more Weevils. Not only to Cardiff, to Wales, to England, but to the entire world. A whole alien invasion’
‘One of them goes crazy at a side of the world; all of them do it at the other. That’s what they said’, Alice told them.
‘They’re right’, Gwen stated, ‘They’re completely right, that’s the way they behave. I’ve seen it’
‘It’s so possible”, said Toshiko, who had been checking in her computer ‘I mean the fact that there are other Doctor and other Alice out there. It’s not the first time it happens. There are a lot of coincidences.
But the thing is that you can’t tell who is the real ones are. What if you're the created ones?’
‘No we are not’, Alice assured them, ‘I had a life before this. I know I had’
‘But we had it too. We’re all of here; we remember what the other ones have done. We didn’t have any sign of you after the last time the Rift opened completely’, Jack pointed out.
‘Well then you will have to trust us’, the Doctor said.

Jack looked at him. That was the Doctor he had known once, the one who saved the world from the
Master, the only person he trusted more than anyone else in the world. His friend, his.... What would have he changed for? Was all what he had known about him lately just lies? Was he even real? He didn’t know.

But he knew that look from the Doctor, and he trusted that man again.

‘Ianto, Owen, be aware of the Weevils, reinforce the security in the doors on the other floors and don’t let them move. Toshiko, try to see if they’re coming on the cameras and when they arrive analyze them. Gwen, Martha, you both come with me, the Doctor and Alice. We’ll have to figure out a way to stop them now before it’s too late. The world’s already afraid of what’s been happening to believe any fake hero they see’

Alice couldn’t believe what was happening. And everything for just an ‘If I…’. It wasn’t fair, and she couldn’t even think that she was going to save the world from herself. Well, from her evil alter ego, or whatever she was.

Alice, the Doctor, Martha, Jack and Gwen sat down in the reunion office. Any of them said anything for a long time.

‘So…haven’t changed.’, Martha said.
‘Nope, I haven’t. It’s the same Doctor you met. Yup!’
‘You don’t even know how happy that makes me’

The Doctor felt a little bad for her. It wasn’t even the same Martha he knew, but she had that lost look of the strong girl that had once travelled with him, and he wished he didn’t have to use her to make her disappear later.

‘There’s something…’, Gwen unexpectedly said, calling the attention of all of them ‘If they’re not real…are we real?’
‘You’re as real as the Doctor and I’, replied Alice, ‘Just…this is temporal. It’s going to finish at the time we get them to change a single choice. The choice of being evil’
‘Oh that’s going to be hard!’, Jack said, ‘The Doctor’s headstrong like that!’
‘Don’t say that!!! I’m opened to suggestions! I just wonder if the other one does!’, the Doctor replied, trying to sound offended, but then he cracked up laughing.

Jack laughed too, and Alice thought if she could just jump over that Jack, after all, he wasn’t going to exist anymore after they finished with all of that. But then she felt guilty for thinking about jumping over Jack when the world was going to be taken by an evil Alice and a Doctor who was thinking more in the stuff they were keeping for the TARDIS than in the human race.


‘So do you think Torchwood will help?’
‘They’ll do. They trust me more than anyone else. And then we’ll get rid of them. It’s that easy’
‘It sounds good’, Alice said and excitedly exclaimed ‘Oh Doctor I can’t believe we’re going to be the owners of all this stupid human race!!!!!!’
‘You’re not going to be immortal you know that?’ the Doctor asked, showing no sign of pain by the thought of that his partner was going to die. After all, he probably was going to be responsible for that death, but that was a detail that he forgot to tell her.

‘Yeah I know. But we’ll get something to get rid of that as well…together we can do anything, can’t we, Doctor?’
‘Oh of course we can Alice…of course we can…’

He kissed Alice softly, making her think that everything was going to be okay, that the world was going to be all for them. Just for them. But she suddenly felt something was going wrong. The Doctor left her and ran to an empty place in the street and looked at it.

“This car has been required for a major good
It will be back in a few hours…days…months…yeah.
The Doctor”

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